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Longing For May

Today is the last posting for National Poetry Month and Maureen at NaPoWriMo suggests writing about something that occurs again and again. Thank you, Marueen, for hosting this each year!  Thank you to all poets for writing, baring your souls, for pouring out your lives in your wonderful words.  Poem On, Y’all!  Jilly


Longing for May

Endings are always
the same, avoid, cry and then
move on, leave April again

© Jilly's Poem & Photo
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Day 29 of my favorite month!  NaPoWriMo has us writing based on a strong noun from a favorite poem.  I chose Alone by Edgar Allen Poe and worked from the word Lightning.  After free-writing around the word Lightning, a poem took shape, as did the Word Cloud you see above.  The visual part of me loves that website!  Here is Lightning; enjoy!  Jilly


The thrill of night when a storm comes blumbering
Slumbering across the flatscapes
Distillant filament a flash
Slash the darkling sky
Fly none would die
If hidden outside
Flash bright
Thunder night
Cloud bright twice
The night
Twice the knight
Rides clouds to ground
Cracking his sound
Glass cast to the ground

© Jilly’s

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In the Pits

Day 28 We are almost there!  NaPoWriMo suggests a Skeletonic poem; what fun!


Light the stage
Players rampage
Dance stomp and rage
The spot is hot
Pink and turquoise
Applause with noise
Bow the boys
Bow the dame
Moment of fame
Ego the game
It’s not the same
Here in the pit
Trumpet and spit
Valve a ’tempo
Mood of the show
Croon and blat
Two sharps a flat
Lighted stand
Jazzy hand
Gig the band

© Jilly’s

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Day 27 of NaPoWriMo encourages us to explore the sense of taste.


First lippie kissy
Nibblie sneaky
Flavor favor

Teeniest hint
Of green
Pepper lipper

Chose for
Lunchie munchie
Still tasty

Dering what
Second lippie kissy
Noshie sloshy

Lick smacking
Lemony tingling
Down to my
Rosie tosies
Tootsie rollsies
Will taste of?

© Jilly’s & Silly Jilly’s

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L’Orange – A Limmerick

Silly Jilly is on the loose!

There once was a chick in Orlando
Who put bread crumbs out by the handful
The mallards were hell
They rang the back bell
And fertilized all her kalanchoe

Distressed by the droppings and snaddle 
She hollered for them to skedaddle
But a brave Viking man
Came up with a plan
To end the fowl-feathered battle

In the kitchen they cooked all that day
An orange sauce flavored with bay
A large baking pot
They put on the spot
And the duckies soon waddled away!

© Jilly's Poem & Photo

Writing Limmericks over at dVerse!


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Day 26, I did not write from the (optional) NaPoWriMo suggested prompt, but was inspiried by the sonnets of interviewed poet Melissa Range, prompting me to work in the Italian Sonnet form. (Wish the meter were cleaner, but that, afterall is what the editing process is for!)


the great blue heron statue standeth he
beside the lake under the spreading oak
he hides as stealth beneath the mourning cloak
and shallow wading stalks the fish he sees
darting slipping in the reeds escapee
they, hiding there, the name of God invoke
protect their spines their gills their sins revoke
the craving hunger hunter can foresee

a bobbing neck the focused eye in wait
leans slowly in and casts a shadow not
upon the water of his hunting ground
and patient tips his eye a calm create
the penitent return their plea forgot
the saber beak will strike without a sound

© Jilly’s Poem & Photo

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Space for a Claustrophobe

Day 25
Write a poem that explores a small, defined space.


Just above the second lateral branch

(the first lateral branch is the hand-up
pull hard
run feet up the bark
fling flying hips reaching for second lateral
pull cottonwood scent in through nostrils
taste green)

Just above the second lateral is the crux of the matter
The crotch of two demi-trunks
That intimate space
My left foot knows so well
A trail of ants circle the right demi
A knot on the inner left has left
A callus on my little toe

I escape here often enough
For thickened skin


© Jilly’s

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Home Most Holy

A cup
With you each
Morning beside the frozen
World that buffets and bullies
Running away we with the osprey
Dragonfly rising on updrafts darting diving anhinga
These are they whose language I speak
Whose thoughts I hear screamed silently
Whose laughter I share loudly
This is home most
Holy with you
Commune and

© Jilly’s Poem & Photo

Writing about Community at dVerse!

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Sunrise that birthed a movement
Hangs on the wall
Flawless balance of tone
Heart slows before it


No appraisal like
Virga sky
Newest slice of moon
Hanging in the east
Viewed from the pre-dawn

The master painter
The Master painter

© Jilly's Words and Photo

Ekphrastic Poetry for NaPoWriMo  (Impression Sunrise, Monet) 
Quadrille with 'Still' for dVerse
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Terribly Literal Elevenie

A second Elevenie.  This is what happens when an English teacher listens to jazz on a Sunday afternoon!


Idea thingy
Part of speech
Existence defined by word

Take action
Part of speech
Movin’ groovin’ accomplishin’ deeds


© Jilly’s