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Another Crash-Test Dummy

Another crash-test dummy
would have made the team,
waxing and waning through
last week’s boyfriend tryouts
and first chair band challenges,
but what’s a girl to do
when all of her
secrets have been published
on snapchat, which
is almost as good as
the bathroom doors of the old
and crumbling use-ta-be’s?

©  Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

For Poetic Asides

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Knockouts in carmine

Fistful of blooms thrown downwind

Shiner’s delight

© Jilly’s

Author’s Note:  Regardless of politics, of leadership, of perceptions at home or abroad, this poet will not bloody the face of this, or any nation, on this blog. I am deeply saddened by what I read that serves to divide.  I choose honor; I can only give that example to the rising generations.  I choose to rise above. Oh, and the Knockout Rose is my personal favorite 🙂

For Frank J. Tassone’s Haikai Challenge #21  “Rose”

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raising the fists of his angry politik
his angry hands
that Christmas Day
in one instant a swirling murmuration
of unsaid I’m sorrys
       in clusters of silent sevens
entered the windows, the doors,
funnelled about the room
orphaning her for once and for all.

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

A Quadrille using the word ‘murmur’ for dVerse Poet’s Pub.

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Sabbatical & An Honor

Hi Y’all!

Yes, I’ve been absent from Jilly’s for a few weeks and I want to express my appreciation to all who have been in touch.  January turned out to be a month of bugs – both viruses and editing bugs struck.  I took some time off to drink lots of hot tea and really dig into some writing and editing projects that have been calling my name.  It has been a very fruitful time.

I would like to mention two things:

Firstly, the February Edition of Casting Bricks did not happen during the course of my off time.  I may make some changes to our collaborative poetry challenge, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

I would also like to let you all know that my poem, Fervency, which posted here in November, was selected as the Second Place Winner of the January Contest over at Vita Brevis!

I mentioned above that I have spent some time in the editing process recently.  Fervency was poem that went through a good deal of editing, with the help of a couple of good friends in the WP community.  It is a pleasure to work with fellow poets in the writing process.  Thank you!

Jilly 🙂