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raising the fists of his angry politik
his angry hands
that Christmas Day
in one instant a swirling murmuration
of unsaid I’m sorrys
       in clusters of silent sevens
entered the windows, the doors,
funnelled about the room
orphaning her for once and for all.

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

A Quadrille using the word ‘murmur’ for dVerse Poet’s Pub.


A wild soul writing poetry.

43 thoughts on “Murmuration

      1. Nowadays I can’t keep lines in my head – not even when they creep up on me in the shower and I’m getting out in a couple of minutes. I end up repeating them out loud until I can get to one of the various notebooks or the Word document on my laptop where I keep them safe – my head’s like a sieve!


  1. Wow! Did anyone else notice all the sibilants here? So many “s” sounds in so many lines…only in the last two lines are they absent. It’s almost a hissing….like pent up anger, the hot water hissing in the kettle ready to blow.

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