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Renga – Dead Men (Jilly/Charley)

They answer like dead men
A sound silent as a thought

words still as those graven
and uttered like mute birds caught

perilous the journey through synapses
binding wings and tongues confined

unuttered lights high in barren copses
guide to truth the deaf and blind

specters of unanswered prayers
searing darkness stirs the voice to sight

angel’s wings unused turn grayer
lightning’s torch chases spirits to flight

awake! arise! deadened senses revive
snatched from the gates of hell

draw out of the pit where silences thrive
unsound the mumming knell

resuscitating tongues untied
cataracts of fire refined

answers voiced and mortem belied
a rush of sound now divined




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Renga – Dead Men (Jilly/qbit)

They answer like dead men
A sound silent as a thought

Rhapsody of the Deep begs for redemption,
Our mirrored voices too dark to know

Improvised songs from thermal vents
Frequencies whales only hear

Did I evolve from lethal smiles?
Dive for this poison, dive for this hunger

Only to modulate to that minor key
Cecilia’s Café D

Where wrapped in lexicons of blues and saints
Arpeggiated blessings sound

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Renga Challenge: They Answer Like Dead Men

“They answer like dead men

A sound silent as a thought”


This is a Couplet Renga Challenge for October Casting Bricks.  Care to join in?  Just let me know in a comment below and I will start a post for us.  I propose a total of 10 couplets; 5 each.  Everyone is welcome to give this a go or to stop by Jilly’s October Challenge and join in with any of the Collaborative Challenges.  Presenting a challenge of your own would be awesome, as well.  The more, the merrier!  

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What Dark May Come

Number the Octobers that have risen and set
since last I fingered the vertebrae of the galaxy
as it ribbed across the midnight blue,
(my favorite in the box of 64 with a sharpener)
How many yellow-orange halogen glows
super-center the corroded sky, denying
my telescope little more than
Love’s pearl white disc
burnt sienna Bradbury imaginings of
rings and Europa?

What is our fear worth?
Bittersweet unheard colors
Earth’s forest green cry

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

Posted for Frank J. Tassone’s Haikai Challenge #4 referencing or using the word Darkness.  My thanks to Frank for indulging my resistance to restraint and encouraging me to play with the limits on Japanese poetic forms. 

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A Blessing for our Daughters

Sarah Connor (Sarah Southwest) put forth a lovely Retourne as a Challenge for the October “Casting Bricks to Attract Jade.”  Her opening stanza was for the occasion of her daughter’s 16th birthday and I thoroughly enjoyed completing her Blessing for My Daughter, keeping my own daughter in mind as I wrote.  Sarah’s words are in bold.

May your heart sing like the ocean,
May the air be clear around you,
May your midnight flame burn bright,
May your feet find firm ground to stand

May the air be clear around you
Words of kindness swirl about you
As a fresh breeze filling your lungs
and exhaling truth with your tongue

May your midnight flame burn bright
When your soul passes that dark night
The rays of the bold morning sun
Flood your eyes when trial is done

May your feet find firm ground to stand
and in scree, a friend’s proffered hand,
In all your day’s strange commotion
Shall you ever have my devotion.

© Connor / Lyman Collaboration

Everyone is welcome to join in with our collaborative poetry project of “Casting Bricks to Attract Jade!”  We begin fresh on the first Friday of each month.  A permalink can be found on the sidebar to your right.

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The Pull

the pull beneath
vibration pulsing
my feet
I feel it move
its way through
the dirt

I pull,

My red eye
to the sky
feathers of clouds fly
pulled by
loft of wind
they look back
at me with their
grey eyes

Sun lower, pulled
sooner down

Shoulders twitch I
feel the pull
set my
wings beat the air

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

For dVerse Poetics Autumn Prompt

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Falling Passion – a Dodoitsu

passion flower foliage

tough love set with pruning shears

chemo cut before the storm

now returns to life


© Jilly’s All Rights Reserved

Posted for Frank’s Haikai Challenge #3 Foliage

The seasonal words of Japanese poetry vary by the region in which the poet lives.  Autumn in Florida means not color change nor falling leaves; it is our Hurricane Season (storm) and that long-awaited end of the heat.  It is that season which turns to tourists and outdoor festivals; it is that season when my Passion Vine can still shine, in spite of her pruning. The Dodoitsu is intended to be about work or love, and while it ought to have a comical twist, I chose to ignore that rule, just as the vine ignores the fact that many consider her a weed.  😉

Photo by Jilly



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Renga – Geometry (Jilly /Sarah SW)

A circle within
The well of infrequent tongues
Radius opens

Fibonacci sequences
Spiraling my fingertips

Primitive riddles
In sunflower’s eye are held
Voices sing out loud

The universe is dancing
Steps of fractal precision

Ribbons of crystal-
line explosions expanding
Inward gravitas

Outward, a centrifugal
Joy in movement, energy

Dark vitality
A matter of mystery
God’s hands compressing

We are gravity’s children
Held in eternal embrace

The circle contracts
Celestial hymn intones
Radial refrain

Time, space, matter energy –
Double helix corkscrewing.



A Classic Renga by two amazing poetess divas; Jilly & Sarah Southwest!  Interested in joining in with some collaborative poetry?  Join us over at Jilly’s October Challenge of Casting Bricks to attract Jade; everyone is welcome!

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Park Shade – A Collaboration

You grew in what became a picnic grove
Providing shade to what is now a park
While dying you were cut and when I drove
One morning past your place expecting dark
I found the stump, your tombstone, your new mark
And knew eventually that so will I
Look up with new perspective on the sky.

One year and a day, again walking there
Gentle green and tender shoots spring upward
Branches, leaves, hands reaching to heaven’s prayer
Joy on finding an old friend, my heart stirred
As descendant voices drew me forward
That from this future stand will grow one day
My children’s children bursting forth in May


A collaborative Chaucerian-stanza poem by Frank Hubeny (in bold) and Jilly.  Posting for Jilly’s October Challenge of Casting Bricks and for dVerse Poet’s Pub.

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Renga – Geometry (Jilly/Charley/Qbit/Madaket)

A circle within
The well of infrequent tongues
Radius opens

An arc of conversation
repeats at high frequency

Unseen calculus
Area under your heart –
Infinity fails

Reveals unspoken postulates
Painful theorems eroding truth

Residue in cups
Wrestling your motes and beams
Whitewashed verity

Vitreous fibers obscure
A miasma of deceit

Cataracts of light
Impassable to the soul
Dark water falling

An incalculable angle
Vibrates and vies for integration

Strike the tuning fork
Voices search for common key
Hardened arteries

Implanting resonant stents
Bypass cholesterol thoughts

Tendons hum like wires
Chorded axioms of blood
Theory proved in song

Mainlining reason
To the point of origin.