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Day 28 – The Magi

Whoop!  Day 28!!!  A few days ago I was musing over the fact that so many of my poems are about nature, the moon, & etc.  “Why don’t I write about something mundane, like that bent Road Work Ahead sign or a traffic light?”  My mind composed this in the wee small hours and it seems a fitting finality to these amazing 28 Days of Unreason.  Once again, the words of Jim Harrison from Songs of Unreason have been mind-expanding and a true source of inspiration.  Thank you to all who have joined in, some every day and others as the muse prompts. Lynn, Charley & Qbit have been amazingly faithfull to the prompts and the light of my day for 28 of them.  Jane has caught the fever as well as Frank, Jenna, Hank, Jeren, and NoStAugustine.  Did I miss anyone?  The response has overjoyed me!  Where should we go next?  Rilke? Whitman?  (I need a vacation! LOL) Love Y’all!  ~ Jilly

“Why does the mind compose this music well before the words occur?”

~  Jim Harrison


I will the light,
“Stay green. Stay green.”

It yellows.


Mindjackers surround the car
wrench open my door
their mouths open
singing music
with words I
cannot hear,
the rib-spreader
in their Magus hands.

I stare straight ahead,
grip the wheel;

the car behind me honks.

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

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Day 24 – Lest You Die

The closer I get to the end of the 28 Days of Unreason, the closer my writing is to the edge of sanity.  Not me, mind you, just the poet’s voice.  Here is the 24th line from Songs of Unreason and my poem, entitled Lest You Die.

“Nature has portals rather than doors”  ~ Jim Harrison


The Forgiving Tree

opens her arms

bids us step through

find sanity in the healing balm




© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

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50 Shades of War in the Teacher Parking Lot

Lillian is hosting Poetics over at dVerse where we are writing poetry using the word Shade.  While the rest of the country is dealing with ‘heat waves,’ we here in Florida have temps over 90 every day from May to October.  True Floridians look for a parking spot in the shade.  There are never enough to go around. This is just a bit of quicky dashed fluff that I have written in the form of 4 Cinquains.


Still dark
when we arrive
which way is west again?
Look for a spot under a tree
that I

have shade at
two-thirty, I see
Mr. Racecar Driver who
steals my

spot under the
skinny oak too few
leaves to really call it shady
I rush

and honk
squealing tires
shake my angry fist at
him, I down-shift into second
I win!

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

All are welcome to join in the Casting Bricks collaborative writing challenge!  Just click on the link on the side bar.

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Day 23 – Host

“Such fragile wings”

~ Jim Harrison from Songs of Unreason


With childlike verve
she leaps
from the soil, arabesques
sunward to embrace
synthesize all the power
of Sol
into her scented corona
sending secreted signals
to her mate

Photo by Author

Gulf Fritillary
hears, senses
arrives on
such fragile wings

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

The pass flora incarnate, passion flower, in all its exotic beauty, serves as the host plant to the beautiful orange Gulf and Variegated Fritillary butterflies who lay their eggs on the vine.  The hatched caterpillars exfoliate the host, spin their cocoons on the plant and the cycle continues.  Fortunately, the passion is prolific and returns with, well… passion.

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Forgotten Better Days – August Challenge Half- Poem

Casting Bricks, the August Challenge opened a few hours ago and this is my Half-Poem Challenge.  Anyone is welcome to take the challenge of completing my poem and reposting the collaborative final product.  Please do write a half-poem challenge of your own and post a link through the Mr. Linky on the Jilly’s August Challenge page!  The more the merrier, y’all!

My Challenge Poem is a Bop.  The basics are 3 stanzas with 6 lines, 8 lines, and 6 lines, with a refrain line repeated after each stanza.  There are no meterical or rhyme scheme requirements for this form.  I have written the first stanza, the refrain line, “Forgotten better days and a badly written play” and the first two lines of stanza two.  You task is the complete the second stanza, add my refrain after it and then write the third stanza.  The development of the poem is to present a problem in stanza #1, expand or explore it in stanza #2, and then either resolve or reveal a failed attempt as resolution in the last stanza. Good luck and happy poeming! ~Jilly


Smoke gathers round the rim of my coffee cup
remnants of the skirmish in my untouched bowl of cereal
your suitcase sits by the door, the new leather one
not the weary worn green canvas with tags from our trip
to Paris last summer
leaving me with a million

Forgotten better days and a badly written play

Blurred words seep through the wall
you on the phone with some unknown

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A Dark and Stormy Knight

Frank has us working with tri-meter over at dVerse; please join us!  I have chosen to write a Bop – a fun form that I haven’t done for many months. It is 3 stanzas with a refrain after each.  There is no required meter or rhyme scheme for the Bop, although I impose Frank’s Tri-Meter here and add my own rhymes.  Three stanzas with 6 / 8 / 6 lines in which you present a problem in the 1st, expand or explore it in the 2nd, and resolve or reveal a failed attempt at resolution in the last stanza.

A dark and stormy knight
rode into town that day
in answer to a call
of anguished hearts dismay
upon his stead he rode
through mists the hooves explode

A foe to vanquish there

The villagers called out
the children hid and cried
there was no peace for they
saw courage there denied
a monster was at large
with terror in its fists
and so our knight was charged
with deeds of daring tryst

A foe to vanquish there

His eyes flashed bright with fire
as the foe came into view
to light a funeral fire
was not the course he chose
‘stead roses he did ply
the maiden did comply

The foe a wife he made

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

I wrote & posted this very quickly – feel free to point out any errors you may see 🙂


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Day 17 – Flood

The Harrison quote for day 17 of 28 Days of Unreason, taken from Songs of Unreason:

“Saw a poem float by just beneath the surface”  ~  Jim Harrison

My poem:


Rising, I took a broom
and began to sweep
clutter and debris
from the kitchen floor

Cares and concerns, moving
them toward the door
I slowed a bit as I passed
the bedroom’s posted
No-Wake Zone
dreams are still
hiding there

The junk accumulated
and rolled before
my sweeping strokes
as I moved more determinably
catching neglected repairs
an appointment or two

they tumbled and glittered
in a shaft of sunlight
a to-do list got caught
in a small eddy
near the corner
I saw it circling there
and with one deft movement
captured it
cajoled it into the flood
that I drove before me
and just before I reached
the open door
I saw a poem float by
just beneath the surface
leaning on my broom
I bent to pick it up
but it darted away
and then dove deepling

I returned
with some consternation
to my task of clean sweepling

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

Today’s quote is my personal favorite of all 28, so much so that last year I planned it on my birthday as a gift to me!

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Day 15 – Bathing in Art

“Art often isn’t [nice] though it scrubs the soul fresh”

~ Jim Harrison

Welcome to the second half of 28 Days of Unreason in which I have taken 28 lines from Jim Harrison’s collection of poetry, Songs of Unreason, and used them as writing prompts.  The quote above is today’s prompt and below you will find my poetic response to it, entitled Bathing in Art.  If you find inspiration in any of these lines, please drop me a comment and let me know; I always welcome the opportunity to read your work.

Bathing in Art

The photographs, excruciatingly clear,
scrub the soul
revealing those annoying
gnats of truth orbiting
round your head.

They toss you a bar of astringent soap

© Jilly’s   All Rights Reserved

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Day Eleven – “He Loves Me; He Loves Me Not”

[Open Link night at dVerse]   The struggle over today’s quote from Songs of Unreason took me to my favorite little coffee shop with the cool writing vibe.  The words tumbled just as the coffee cup clacked onto the table. This is Day 11 of 28 Days of Unreason.  (see below for details)  Here then, is today’s line from Jim Harrison and my zany poem in response:

 “I’m unsure if all of me returned” ~ Jim Harrison


The bold orange blossoms sporting
mini-skirts and pom-poms, chests thrust
forward in warning
cross the street
in the warming
afternoon haze
heatwaves monroing
their skirts
a gladiola giggle issuing
from their freshly bursting

hootie did his best
blowfish face
fantasizing forward
until next morning
bitch-slapped his crumply
weedy face leaving
him with an ugly case
of vertigo
and an odd sense that pieces
of him were missing


© Jilly’s Poetry & Photos  All Rights Reserved

A shout-out to the amazing poets who have joined in with the The 28 Days of Unreason:

Lynn Burton at Colorful Pen

Frank Hubeny at Poetry Short Prose and Walking

Charley at Life in Portofino

Qbit at The Quantum Verse

Jenna at Revived Writer

Care to join in?  I have culled 28 lines from the poetry of Jim Harrison’s collection called Songs of Unreason, using them as daily writing prompts.  Each day I post his line and my own poetic response to it.  It is very informal; if you find something inspirational in the line and write a poem, drop me a note in comments.  I would love to read your words!  I am on Day 11, so we are less than half way through.  Poem onward, my friends!  Jilly

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Day Ten – “Feeding the Lost Beast”

The Harrison quote from Songs of Unreason for Day # 10 of 28 Days of Unreason:

“Much that you see isn’t with your eyes”

My poetic response to that quote, entitled “Feeding the Lost Beast”


The notes only confuddle your eyes
play with that recklessness that feeds
that lost beast who runs
your life with dank
smoldering anger
and regret

Snub the crowd what
do they know of the music
eighth notethat clogs your arteries
with syncopated blues
diseased stones
hidden in your kidneys

Sense the horn
it is of your own
sinews wrapped
around muscles
heart valves


© Jilly’s   All Rights Reserved