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Let the children lamentations sing
For we are by the internet captive taken

Save yourselves, oh virginal generation
For intellectual artifice is your destined heir,
their anodized steel, your veneration;
soft, weak, your flesh shall they bare.

Let the strong youth petitions bring
For our pure reason not be forsaken

Save yourselves, oh mighty youth
For logic will flail in the walls of code,
stand upon the edge of time – see the proof;
chaos will surely be your Spartan abode.

Let grownups extol the joy of books
For it is by writing and reading we live

Save your words, you fading fosters
For it is a pleasure to deny; to burn
lexicons of man the blazing imposter
your poet’s words will die, unlearned.

Let the elders shepherd with staffs and crooks
For it is seeming that to us their wisdom they give

Save your wisdom, oh perishing patriarch
For your children have slain with derision;
lit and celebrated the dying guide’s mark,
cauterized argument flayed with precision.


For Jilly’s December Casting Bricks Collaborative Challenge, this is my completion of Charley’s challenge poem (Life in Portofino).  His words are in bold.

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Winds Can’t Heal – Jilly/Charley

What the winds can’t heal
The contrails sever

Flight to Havana, stopover
in Miami – looking for Cuban food

Settled for Vichyssoise
The eyes remind me of you

Your cold fish glance
As you detached from “us”

Missed the boarding call
Took Uber to South Beach

A diet from you – from drama
Low-carb sun worship

Snorting salt – talking to myself
While the crazy people gawk

Took sustenance on the sand
Salad days with little dressing

Sword-swallowing the contrails
Begging the wind to break my ribs

What the land breeze can’t evaporate
a clean cut condenses

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Turning – An Artist’s Challenge

Completing Petru’s Challenge poem for December Casting Bricks (collaborative poetry) proved to be an immense delight! A deep fog set in this morning and this little dance ensued.  Her words are in bold (half a quadrille) and my 22 follow. The title is in honor of the very fine artist who presented the challenge.  Please stop by Petru’s beautiful site and browse around.  Anyone who would care to join us at Casting Bricks to Attract Jade is heartily welcome!


Step! Two, three and again

step two! Now – turn around


voice receding –

centrifugal distant tracking

rhythm raises

drum      beat

light deepening


Skip! A beat syncopate

the rhythm — cabriole

one-eighty —

centripetally returning


the pound, pound, pounding

in your breast –

clasp            the dark


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Advent 15

Sarah Conner did me the great honor of including a poem of mine on her poetry Advent Calendar. Highly recommended month of reading; go check it out!

Sarah writes poems


the wiznos and gizmos

guffawing and pawing

their whimsical ways

with fanciful dancing

and hullabalooing

chimney dust dusting

we’re afeared to fire

up the fire should the logs

singe his trimmings

and damp’ner our

gramp’ner and frighten

the grandmommer

right into the night

before our sparkling

de’light awakens

the chillins from this

nightmarish sight

This poem comes from Jill Lyman who blogs at There are two versions of Jilly – the silly, and the serious. I like both sides of her writing very much, and I’m pleased that she has let Silly Jilly out to play with us today. Though there’s something a little bit unsettling about this poem, as well.

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The Teacher Groove

five a.m. feet hit the floor
jazz is playin’
coffee drinkin’
face kissin’
out the door

seven a.m. kids at my door
Chaucer verse plyin’
sarcasm flyin’
student buy-in
bell is vyin’
our time is high an’
dry and they’re
out the door

all morning long
they’s readin’
they’s writin’
they’s commentin’
“This Pardoner dude
is a real duche bag”
Couldn’a said it better

full tilt groovin’
I is behoovin’
students improvin’
never stop movin’

three p.m. hittin’ the car
radio’s soundin’
homeward I’s cruisin’
front door is speakin’

and just like that it’s






Game Over!

© Written & Spoken Words by Jilly  All Rights Reserved

Join us at dVerse where we are groovin!

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Chains rattle the door

Ghost of White Christmases Past

Snow, Snow, go away


Foxtail Palms wave at the sky

Green with envy, nevermore

For Frank J. Tassone’s Challenge #11

First Snow or Ever Green

The storm that brought snow to much of the US brought a touch of cold to us here in Central Florida. Growing up in the north I was always certain that I had been born in the wrong place and moved south shortly after college.  Except for a brief stint back in the midwest, I have been firmly planted where the snow shovel never roams and Christmas Dinner is served on the back porch.

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Tea & Company

Visited with the fading
moon last night.

She said,
“The morning after
is something of a let-down,
what with all the excitement
and blush

Sighing, she reached for
her tea, adding,
“Nothing left to do,
I suppose, but become less
than I have been.”

I thought I saw a small
smile just before the cup
reached her lips.

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

Lil encourages us to write a poem using the word ‘Visit’ for Poetics at dVerse.  Join us!

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McCrunchy’s Café

Come on down to McCrunchy’s Café
Come on down today!

For breakfast you’ll fare the most –
an ironic side of bacon,
unchallenged eggs over-easy,
even some wry toast –
one jittery cup of coffee; to-go.

Come on down to McCrunchy’s Café
Come on down today!


Posting for dVerse’s Quadrille and this is my half-poem Challenge for the December edition of Casting Bricks to Attract Jade.  Everyone is welcome to join in!

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Look – up in the skySuperman
SuperMoon in cape and tights
Winter’s on the run

© Silly Jilly’s  


Last week for Haikai Challenge #9, Frank J. Tassone had us writing about November Rain.  I wrote my snarky “Ain’t Gonna Happen” and then whined to Frank about how we are in the dry season here in Florida and was bold enough to tell him we were going to ‘have a talk’ if he persisted with these northern slanted prompts. (Good thing Frank knows I’m both crazy and harmless; why else would he put up with that?!)  This week, he gave what I considered a bit of a hint about the prompt when he mentioned the super moon, so I crafted this in anticipation.  Then, wouldn’t you know it — out of the goodness of his heart — Frank posted an unconventional challenge in response to my sass;  Arid.  Yep; a dry season prompt.  And there I was with this amazing super moon Haiku and no place to post it!!  (Not to mention a big plate of crow for dinner.)  At the bequest of Frank & qbit, two very indulgent friends, I post this.  For the record, this is not my official offering for #10 – Arid;  I actually wrote a Haibun called Thirsting (my non-standard Kigo word).  That post appears right before this one.  Okay, Frank, go ahead and rush headlong into those cold and snow prompts – I’ll behave 😉