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L’Orange – A Limmerick

Silly Jilly is on the loose!

There once was a chick in Orlando
Who put bread crumbs out by the handful
The mallards were hell
They rang the back bell
And fertilized all her kalanchoe

Distressed by the droppings and snaddle 
She hollered for them to skedaddle
But a brave Viking man
Came up with a plan
To end the fowl-feathered battle

In the kitchen they cooked all that day
An orange sauce flavored with bay
A large baking pot
They put on the spot
And the duckies soon waddled away!

© Jilly's Poem & Photo

Writing Limmericks over at dVerse!



A wild soul writing poetry.

22 thoughts on “L’Orange – A Limmerick

  1. I’m cracking up because we are overrun right now with mallards and my husband who is Norwegian, and the chef, will have to cook up that sauce, tho’ I’d be happy just to get him to clean the poop off the walkway!


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