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Day 26, I did not write from the (optional) NaPoWriMo suggested prompt, but was inspiried by the sonnets of interviewed poet Melissa Range, prompting me to work in the Italian Sonnet form. (Wish the meter were cleaner, but that, afterall is what the editing process is for!)


the great blue heron statue standeth he
beside the lake under the spreading oak
he hides as stealth beneath the mourning cloak
and shallow wading stalks the fish he sees
darting slipping in the reeds escapee
they, hiding there, the name of God invoke
protect their spines their gills their sins revoke
the craving hunger hunter can foresee

a bobbing neck the focused eye in wait
leans slowly in and casts a shadow not
upon the water of his hunting ground
and patient tips his eye a calm create
the penitent return their plea forgot
the saber beak will strike without a sound

© Jilly’s Poem & Photo


A wild soul writing poetry.

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