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NaPoWriMo Day 23 and we are writing Double Elevenies.


Unspoken words

Where fear resides

Where lives do hide



Shouts arise

With tongues unloosed

Full spectrum emotion release



© Jilly’s Words & Photo

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Companion Garden

Sandhill Cranes at dawn
ancient voices
beat soft
across the garden
pulling threads
circular threads through thy

          Companion Garden

beets cabbage onions
should be planted together
but kept away from charlock
from strawberries
from lettuces

          do not neglect to plant
          basil near tomatoes

peas reside near turnips beans corn
but cannot abide
garlic leeks onions
nor shallots

          do not neglect to plant
          basil near tomatoes

peppers parsley eggplant
make good neighbors
avoid fennel

potatoes squash beans
are not prone to strife
do not build their houses
within sight of cherries

sage in all its wisdom
rubs hard against the cucumbers

          do not neglect to plant
          basil near tomatoes

ancient voices beat soft across the garden pulling

© Jilly's Poetry & Photography

In honor of Earth Day, NaPoWriMo
encourages us to write a Georgic.
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Overheard Recipe

NaPoWriMo Day 21 encourages us to 
write a poem about an overheard conversation.

Scout's Honor - 'tis true!

Sitting at a Friday’s last Saturday night
In for a beer and a late night bite
Two women at the booth
Backed up to ours
Lively paced place as with most bars
Snippets of their words floated over the top
Interrupted often by the music hip-hop
Came out in such an unusual way
That I fear I will ne’er forget the day

“He died in Hawaii while they
were on a month long vacation;
such a terrible time,” said she in a disconcerted tone
“making arrangements for flying his remains back home”

Then the buzz and light hum of the restaurant
Drowned out the part of their homeward jaunt
And when next we did hear the words drift anew
Our faces went blanch and our forks downward flew
“It’s really quite tender just place it all in the crock
Add barbeque sauce, cook eight hours on the clock!”

Most saddened were we by the fate of this man
Who died at the luau in a faraway land


© Jilly’s

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A Square is Born

Writing Creation Myth Poems for Day 19 of NaPoWriMo!  
Can you guess?


A benevolent albatross beautiful
Came down came down
Effortless flight emulsifying flames
Garden goshawk

Four eyes
Three wings
Two tails
Having five feet a piece

In mighty England did he dwell
All hail the Bard one fifty four


© Jilly’s

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A Casting Red Balloon

Writing Neologisms for NaPoWriMo Day 18!


Trouting upstream
Pebbling jumping
Feather whooshing
Drift a’loosing
Swim the song
Perlunking and dunking
Nary a care in the thaw

Surface fuss
Gupper dust
A whisper lust

Bust your hasseloons
Break free the fin so soons
Jalump on board
A casting red balloon

© Jilly’s

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Dark Side of Me

A Floyd introspection
Not quite,
Just pinging off the edges,IMG_0854
Of depression

Asking that pressing
Question why a life
Lived like an ineffective
Sperm unable
To penetrate the inside
Circle is too
In its embraceable
Impotency to be


© Jilly’s Poetry and Photography




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Today at Punster’s Market & Deli (my Post-It Note Shopping List)

Writing Post Card / Post-It (aka: Micro) Poetry 
over at dVerse tonight!
Join us :)
(I love my Post-It app - use it for a running grocery list 
on my phone and other intellectual persuits!) 

  • Eggestential longing for your
  • Fishingly clever words and
  • Rye sense of humor
  • Produce(s) a
  • Cerealistic hunger in my
  • Sole

And a Key Line Pie for dessert!


© Jilly’s Poem & Photo

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There is a special store where we travel many miles to stock up.  The filter, whole beans, water carefully poured and the timer set for 5.  Buzzing grinder erupts one flight below just 10 minutes before the alarm so that when showers are complete there is a freshly brewed yellow cup to the brim waiting on the bathroom sink where you have slipped it through the steam and tea tree shampoo aroma cloud that I might sip and makeup and hair all at once.  Another one is topped of the travel variety, squeezing out the final drop just after the third period bell and the last one that we share after dinner while we write and laugh and have a cookie with it.  From time to time there are rumors of shortages and rising prices and I wonder what

I would sacrifice

If coffee were priced like gold

Between the Tropics

© Jilly’s Poem & Photo


Join us over at dVerse where we are exploring 
Fears through Haibun form :)