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Day 29 of my favorite month!  NaPoWriMo has us writing based on a strong noun from a favorite poem.  I chose Alone by Edgar Allen Poe and worked from the word Lightning.  After free-writing around the word Lightning, a poem took shape, as did the Word Cloud you see above.  The visual part of me loves that website!  Here is Lightning; enjoy!  Jilly


The thrill of night when a storm comes blumbering
Slumbering across the flatscapes
Distillant filament a flash
Slash the darkling sky
Fly none would die
If hidden outside
Flash bright
Thunder night
Cloud bright twice
The night
Twice the knight
Rides clouds to ground
Cracking his sound
Glass cast to the ground

© Jilly’s


A wild soul writing poetry.

7 thoughts on “Lightning

  1. Blumbering! Very good! Are you a Wilde one, or a devotee of Lewis Carroll? Your poem is quite effective… brings back the memories of slumbering southern night storms, slow as molasses.


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