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Day 27 of NaPoWriMo encourages us to explore the sense of taste.


First lippie kissy
Nibblie sneaky
Flavor favor

Teeniest hint
Of green
Pepper lipper

Chose for
Lunchie munchie
Still tasty

Dering what
Second lippie kissy
Noshie sloshy

Lick smacking
Lemony tingling
Down to my
Rosie tosies
Tootsie rollsies
Will taste of?

© Jilly’s & Silly Jilly’s


A wild soul writing poetry.

2 thoughts on “Smack!

  1. I loved this the first time I read it…and the second…and third. I caught the “won dering” and “gar lick” the first time. But had to read it more slowly, savoring all of the flavors. “Not chose” cracked me up! Deliciously fun word play throughout!

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