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Poetry – Phoebe and the Buffleheads – Quadrille

all summer we shovel heat
scrape humidity
icing our drinks
as we huddle close around
the fan

at last


and the buffleheads
have returned
from the edges of the arctic
to cheer us
with news that a light
sweater might be needed

©  Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

De is hosting the Quadrille at dVerse this week; come and raise a toast with us as we enter a season of cheer! 

It occurs to me that Phoebe and the Buffleheads would be a great name for a rock band, but in reality, these are two of the birds that winter here in Central Florida.  It is a seasonal milestone when each of these species arrive; one for which there is much rejoicing in the land 🙂


A wild soul writing poetry.

41 thoughts on “Poetry – Phoebe and the Buffleheads – Quadrille

  1. I love bird names – especially ones that are unusual like Phoebe and the Buffleheads – I agree that would make a great name for a band, Jill. I was, for a short while, a member of Sylvia and the Peppermints in my early teens!
    I also like the change from heat and humidity to ‘edges of the arctic’, which means I can wear my cosy new cardigan!

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    1. In Orlando we are thrilled when it drops below 70 (21C) and we can wear out boots and jackets! We have terribly thin blood down here – it’s pathetic. Love the thought of you being a Peppermint 🙂

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  2. You are one of the few people I know who tells time and the seasons by nature. I think that makes you one of the sane ones! (no offense!) A great reendering, in short-rationed verse, of what it’s like to live down here. Cabin fever, in negative.

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  3. I enjoyed this poem, but thank you for explaining Phoebe and the Buffleheads. (I wanted to write buffalo heads, but that would be something different.) I like the shoveling heat and scraping humidity. It doesn’t last as long, but it can get quite hot and humid here, too–and the air does feel thick enough to do that. It’s coat and gloves weather here now–with sweaters for indoors. 🙂

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  4. I love this Jill. How cool to have them visiting! And your descriptions of the weather are dead on. I used to travel to Florida for business, and it was humid even for me, growing up in Houston, Texas. LOL- I wrote about birds too.

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