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The Faces of

The Face of Skepticism
The Face of Curiosity
The Face of Disdain
The Face of Reflection

Lake Morton, in Lakeland, Florida is filled with easy shots. I admit it – I took the easy shots. The only one of these that required anything of me was the Ibis with his face of curiosity. He would only approach if you weren’t looking. I love the faces of the birds that I encounter – they are so filled with expression, even if it is the expression that I assign them through personification. Saturday was glorious and warm and a short day trip was the perfect thing.

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Poetry – Phoebe and the Buffleheads – Quadrille

all summer we shovel heat
scrape humidity
icing our drinks
as we huddle close around
the fan

at last


and the buffleheads
have returned
from the edges of the arctic
to cheer us
with news that a light
sweater might be needed

©  Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

De is hosting the Quadrille at dVerse this week; come and raise a toast with us as we enter a season of cheer! 

It occurs to me that Phoebe and the Buffleheads would be a great name for a rock band, but in reality, these are two of the birds that winter here in Central Florida.  It is a seasonal milestone when each of these species arrive; one for which there is much rejoicing in the land 🙂

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Those Who Wander

There they are, weaving, braking, menacing their innocent way along the bad dream that is I-4. This highway that has more deaths per mile than any other interstate in the nation and it is under a decade-long face-lift. Wrinkles are being removed and crooked bones straightened. Even the locals find it hard to know where the lane lines are, as they text and apply make-up on their morning Orlando commute. But there they are; Tourists. Herds of them arrive every winter from every state and every part of the world.  They are here for our World, Disney, that is. Land of Mickey and home of Harry (Potter – he and Ron and Hermione reside at Universal). So, as I was saying, there they are, weaving, braking, menacing, all in the left lane of the dreaded I-4. Weaving, you ask? That occurs when they spot the Central Casting building for the Magical World, which is, of course, right along I-4. We know them, these Tourists, they have licence plates from places where it is currently snowing and cold and bumper stickers that proclaim their undying allegiance to Epcot. That’s the place with the giant golf ball, in case you didn’t know. They have an event called Drinking Around the World. This car full of Tourists may have already been there for all of their weaving, breaking, menacing.  Florida drivers are known for driving fast; really, really fast. It’s only because we value our lives and want to get quickly around this car full of Tourists.

I floor it and buzz-lightyear past them.  Whew! Made it. Oh no! Look! Just ahead… it’s another one, only bigger! An RV, towing a small vehicle, complete with bike racks and coolers that are mostly strapped down. And what are they doing? Well, you know the routine.

natives garbed in coats
travelers bikini clad
locals travailing

© Jilly’s All Rights Reserved

Join me as I host Unconventional Haibun at dVerse this week!

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My Many States of Mind

Oh how I long to fish again
In that big lake
And reel in a take
Of perchsalmonandtrout
Watching the Gary-induced
Sunset parades

Robed in flannel and ribbed corduroy
Pier and museums
Wish you could see ums
The green river and blues
Toe-tappin’ my shoes

South Caroline
Azaleas devine
Learnin’ the language
Y’allin with vantage
Heart-blessin’ and okra
At times I do miss her

Was mean, no milk, honey or manna
Surviving and dying
No tears left for crying
We danced on our way out the door

Here the world has no border
Seventyleven languages heard daily
Wouldn’t trade her for all the climes


© Jilly’s 5/11/2017  All Rights Reserved


Writing List Poems over at dVerse.  Grab a pen and come on over!

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And Dangerous as the Human Heart

“…in the black changing sound
 of night, the enormous Florida night,
 metallic with cicadas, musical
 and dangerous as the human heart.”

Lynda Hull
 from Insect Life of Florida

The highways swish and buzz
hot tires like a one-night-stand
speak dirty to the asphalt
together they cry in an ecstasy of anger
using, being used, knowing this
yet, embracing the night
igniting desire, one
for distance, miles to go before
rocking to the clicking of cooling
the other, living only through
those that pass over
used up and forgotten on this
night that

© Jilly’s 2016

Join us over at dVerse, where Walt is tending bar on this the first day of summer! 

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Always Summer

“Why, it is she that has got all Narnia under her thumb.
It’s she that makes it always winter.
Always winter, and never Christmas; think of that!”

~ C.S. Lewis from The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
(The Chronicles of Narnia)

Occasionally it is fall
Briefly it is spring
I know this by the trees
Growing along the river

Once upon a time
I put on coat, hat, boots, gloves
Shoveled, swept
Drove to the market
For sad hot house tomatoes

Now upon this time
I grab purse, keys
Drive to the market for
And sad hot house tomatoes

Always summer, never tomatoes; think of that!

© Jill’s 2016

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In the Midst of Battle

Sea breezes tracking 
Like coastal scouts
Followed by
Angry radar lines
Brawling where they meet
At the front

Raging war of hot air
Throwing spears
Cannon fire
In a volley of ire

Run for cover
Pour the wine
Draw the blind

Rainy season

© Jilly's 2016

Bjorn is tending bar over at dVerse Poet’s Pub tonight
where we are writing quadrilles that include the word ‘breeze.’
Should be a piece of cake, or a …. 🙂
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