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Tea & Company

Visited with the fading
moon last night.

She said,
“The morning after
is something of a let-down,
what with all the excitement
and blush

Sighing, she reached for
her tea, adding,
“Nothing left to do,
I suppose, but become less
than I have been.”

I thought I saw a small
smile just before the cup
reached her lips.

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Lil encourages us to write a poem using the word ‘Visit’ for Poetics at dVerse.  Join us!

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McCrunchy’s Café

Come on down to McCrunchy’s Café
Come on down today!

For breakfast you’ll fare the most –
an ironic side of bacon,
unchallenged eggs over-easy,
even some wry toast –
one jittery cup of coffee; to-go.

Come on down to McCrunchy’s Café
Come on down today!


Posting for dVerse’s Quadrille and this is my half-poem Challenge for the December edition of Casting Bricks to Attract Jade.  Everyone is welcome to join in!

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in my pocket full

of verses full

of lies

sifting specks


as crumbs

through the tiny

hole I drilled


so as to find my way



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Writing about change at dVerse tonight.  Join us.

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What would I know
if I fell, naked,
into the grass
and did not get up for days?

What would I taste
if I waded, bare-armed,
through the cold stream
and did not drink for years?

What would I dream
if I swam, web-footed,
over the volcanic mountains
and did not inhale eternity,

that dangles between each
collision of pulse beats?

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

This is Day 27 of November and while I have not met my goal to post each day, I have been writing and editing each day.  A tip of the hat to my ‘editors’ who patiently worked through this one with me.  Any weakness in this poem is solely the fault of this writer. 🙂

Linking to dVerse Open Link Night!

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Day Four – “Break Down”

Shamelessly reblogging this one from last summer for Jazz night at dVerse.


“There is a human wildness held beneath the skin that finds all barriers brutishly unbearable”
~ Jim Harrison from Songs of Unreason


The nightmare’s voice
fills up your silence with jazz
promises to free
up your body
fading the film to               b   l   a    c    k
wipe clean your slate
choose the           s  w   i   r   l      i n g           horns











that shred
that trembling
barbed wire
against the Parrish sky
stretch out the wings
you never knew you had
stand upon the window


calling out
to the stars in their
own language

Fly beyond

© Jilly’s   All Rights Reserved

Posting for dVerse Jazz Poetry with Amaya.

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she stood at the dance

edging the wall

hating them all

watching the rare common girls

flipping their hair

pretending not to notice them stare

those boys standing near

who were playing for fear

games of choice and derision

like paper, rock, scissor, decision.


© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

Join us at dVerse Poet’s Pub for a bit of Quadrille word play.  It rocks!

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Grit (an Ode)

Oh! Glorious, that tiny speck of sand
as a boulder found within my shoe
picked up along the sidewalk unplanned
brought my wandering thoughts back anew

For as I strode that silver slip of path
my thoughts had drifted toward a darker bent—
fretful, fearful images, destruction, unspent wrath—
anguish and despair were freely given vent.

The sting upon my heel felt most keen,
I paused and leaned upon a light post there
and emptying that bit of ancient shell, a scene
fell within my gaze, I stopped to stare.

The image of those devious waves that rumble
and travel whelk and cockles ‘cross the shores,
what have I about to grumble
when that bright shard connects my heel with yours?

© Jilly’s All Rights Reserved

Frank has us writing Odes at dVerse tonight.  Join us!

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On the Cusp of November

Every year on the 14th of February, Dad would buy a large heart-shaped box of assorted chocolate candy for Mom.  He would also buy a smaller version each for my brother and me.  I remember how Mom would use her thumb to find the vanilla crèmes and rule out the chewy caramels, rendering her box unappealing to everyone else.  Clever woman!

Like April, poets undertake the challenge of November to be writing daily.  For the most part, I do write daily throughout the year, but intentionality is an energizing delight.  There are multiple places for a poet to find inspiration and a few extra ones during this coming month and I intend to press a thumb into the various sources to find the dark chocolate mocha (my personal favorite) of inspiration and then write and post here at Jilly’s.  Here is a list of some of the places I will be sampling.  I hope you will all find your favorites and celebrate the deliciousness of poetry in November!


  • Jilly’s November Challenge of Casting Bricks to Attract Jade (Posting on Friday, 11/3) A perma-link will be on my sidebar, as usual. Everyone is welcome!
  • Jane Dougherty meets W.B. Yeats with daily quotes from her favorite poet.
  • Poetic Asides; Robert Lee Brewer’s PAD Chapbook Challenge
  • Weekly Haikai challenges from Frank J. Tassone (every Saturday)
  • dVerse, of course, with the usual line-up of great prompts on Monday, Tuesday & Thursdays.


~Cheers!  Jilly

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Black Silk Drawing

“In painting
he was sincere”


I was skillful
in the supreme madness
that accosted me


Fools are
possessed of black silk drawing

The bells jingled

It is nothing.

I shall not die
of proper caution

Azure fangs imbedded
seize the drops of moisture

I broke.


© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

Taken from A Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allen Poe

Posted for dVerse where we are writing erasure or black-out poetry.

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Duck, Ditch and Dissemble

Sing a song of six-pence
a pocket full of whys
two and eighty Februarys
ground into a pie
and when the pie is opened
the years begin to bleat,
“Aren’t we all just little more
than lonely, roving sheep?”

He was in his concealing house
counting all his money
hidden wall(s) treet the mouse
cheese-faces bright and sunny

She was in the camouflage
eating cheese and wine
a fan to shade the ever-flaws
that fading personal shrine

and They were in the garden
hanging up the clothes
dirth-y laundry’s pardon
never truth disclose

© Jilly’s & Silly Jilly  All Rights Reserved

Mish has us contemplating the metaphorical mask at dVerse tonight for Poetics.  Join us!