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A Completely Livable Parade

Keep time insane
sync your brain to
the cradle
a completely livable
parade marching toward
the grave
playing forbidden trust
against your severe youth

never forget the sun
is sinking like a stone

there is no reason
for your heart to beat
one more thump
than it is destined
for knowing sometimes
the unexplained can
define you

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

Musical Muse is our Poetics tonight at dVerse with our host, Mish.  Join us!

Nickel Creek Hanging By a Thread

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The End; Exiting & Entering

Open Link Night at dVerse!

Collaborative poetry has turned into a favorite for me as we move into the Casting Bricks August Challenge.  I take up Jeren Nazuto’s Challenge to write an Interlocking Rubáiyát.  The first half of the poem, in bold, is Jeren’s excellent groundwork which he entitled The End.  Thank you to Jeren for introducing this terrific form!  All are welcome to join us in the August Challenge where we write a half poem and our fellow poets complete it.  Just click on the Casting Bricks side bar to the right→

The world, burning around me
All the lands and the sea
I weep in streams and rivers
Over the fallen world tree

From the sins, the fire delivers
The earth’s misguided caregivers
And all the pain and suffering
Fueling my body shivers

The sacrifice for my soul’s buffering
awakens, dries my tears unsuffering
the world may ash round my shoes
like fallen leaves, rustling

Lift my eyes, the horizon peruse
quell my fears, none to accuse
all glorious for eternity
body shivers there diffused

© Collaborative Poetry Nazuto/Lyman

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50 Shades of War in the Teacher Parking Lot

Lillian is hosting Poetics over at dVerse where we are writing poetry using the word Shade.  While the rest of the country is dealing with ‘heat waves,’ we here in Florida have temps over 90 every day from May to October.  True Floridians look for a parking spot in the shade.  There are never enough to go around. This is just a bit of quicky dashed fluff that I have written in the form of 4 Cinquains.


Still dark
when we arrive
which way is west again?
Look for a spot under a tree
that I

have shade at
two-thirty, I see
Mr. Racecar Driver who
steals my

spot under the
skinny oak too few
leaves to really call it shady
I rush

and honk
squealing tires
shake my angry fist at
him, I down-shift into second
I win!

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

All are welcome to join in the Casting Bricks collaborative writing challenge!  Just click on the link on the side bar.

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A Dark and Stormy Knight

Frank has us working with tri-meter over at dVerse; please join us!  I have chosen to write a Bop – a fun form that I haven’t done for many months. It is 3 stanzas with a refrain after each.  There is no required meter or rhyme scheme for the Bop, although I impose Frank’s Tri-Meter here and add my own rhymes.  Three stanzas with 6 / 8 / 6 lines in which you present a problem in the 1st, expand or explore it in the 2nd, and resolve or reveal a failed attempt at resolution in the last stanza.

A dark and stormy knight
rode into town that day
in answer to a call
of anguished hearts dismay
upon his stead he rode
through mists the hooves explode

A foe to vanquish there

The villagers called out
the children hid and cried
there was no peace for they
saw courage there denied
a monster was at large
with terror in its fists
and so our knight was charged
with deeds of daring tryst

A foe to vanquish there

His eyes flashed bright with fire
as the foe came into view
to light a funeral fire
was not the course he chose
‘stead roses he did ply
the maiden did comply

The foe a wife he made

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

I wrote & posted this very quickly – feel free to point out any errors you may see 🙂


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Can we not live with greater grace then at birth
red-faced, angry, shuddering with throttled
fists and brutal demands?

Shall we not live out seven, eight fearless decades
as a still-surfaced pond teeming
with silvery fish whose
surface is only broken by the rain?

IMG_0088 (2)
Photo by Jilly ©

© Jilly’s   All Rights Reserved

We are writing Quadrilles tonight over at dVerse.  Exactly 44 words, including the word ‘Fear.’  Join us!

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Day Eleven – “He Loves Me; He Loves Me Not”

[Open Link night at dVerse]   The struggle over today’s quote from Songs of Unreason took me to my favorite little coffee shop with the cool writing vibe.  The words tumbled just as the coffee cup clacked onto the table. This is Day 11 of 28 Days of Unreason.  (see below for details)  Here then, is today’s line from Jim Harrison and my zany poem in response:

 “I’m unsure if all of me returned” ~ Jim Harrison


The bold orange blossoms sporting
mini-skirts and pom-poms, chests thrust
forward in warning
cross the street
in the warming
afternoon haze
heatwaves monroing
their skirts
a gladiola giggle issuing
from their freshly bursting

hootie did his best
blowfish face
fantasizing forward
until next morning
bitch-slapped his crumply
weedy face leaving
him with an ugly case
of vertigo
and an odd sense that pieces
of him were missing


© Jilly’s Poetry & Photos  All Rights Reserved

A shout-out to the amazing poets who have joined in with the The 28 Days of Unreason:

Lynn Burton at Colorful Pen

Frank Hubeny at Poetry Short Prose and Walking

Charley at Life in Portofino

Qbit at The Quantum Verse

Jenna at Revived Writer

Care to join in?  I have culled 28 lines from the poetry of Jim Harrison’s collection called Songs of Unreason, using them as daily writing prompts.  Each day I post his line and my own poetic response to it.  It is very informal; if you find something inspirational in the line and write a poem, drop me a note in comments.  I would love to read your words!  I am on Day 11, so we are less than half way through.  Poem onward, my friends!  Jilly

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Aye; Eyes

In faces we see years, or the lack thereof, tones of skin, lips of color and grin stretching out to welcome us or drawn tight to hide away the pain of days and nights, winters and spring, of living too much or not enough, walking the path to the river or the River, the dip of birth or the dip of death, the planting or harvesting, and as we walk by them, in the water, in the grass, in the tree or air, it is not in their faces that the story lies, it is in their eyes, their eyes, their eyes.

Eyes looking outward

Skeptical angry or no

The tale is thereby told

We are writing Haibuns over at dVerse tonight.  Join us!

© Words & Photos by Jilly  All Rights Reserved

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eyes at my windows

Photo by Jilly ©

windows to thy Sandhill soul

unfolding the red

infiltration of thy grey

feathers Paranoia Mine


Tanka by Jilly©


Photo by Jilly ©

Sandhill Cranes

We are being challenged by Lillian over at dVerse to write about the view from our windows, or the view into our windows.  Looking In/Looking Out.  Join us!

These charming Sandhill Cranes, a breeding pair and their young one (bottom photo) posed for me one very hot day just outside my window.  Their prehistoric-sounding call is a delight! The Paranoia part is purely fictional for poetry’s sake.  







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The Code

A Quadrille, as we celebrate the rejuvenating return of The Poet’s Pub at dVerse.  The prompt that Grace gives us for our 44 words is ‘Flicker.’  I’ve been a life-long birder, so it should come as no surprise the direction I took this!



Flickering sounds of a woodpecker’s call bound
along the waves of heated
air toe dancing gingerly
just above the blades
of indecisive  grass


The mate’s reply
sifts and simmers
peppering the breeze
yoked to that ancient


the journey is now complete

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved


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July Challenge

“Casting Bricks to Attract Jade”


Hello my Friends and Fellow Poets.  Welcome to the July Challenge!

(UPDATE:  Scroll to the bottom for a listing of the links to each challenge submitted!)

Many of us have expressed a desire to continue writing and sharing our work with one another during the time when the Poet’s Pub over at dVerse is closed and it fit nicely with a conversation I had with Colin Lee a short time ago.  Idioms are a fascination for me, especially those from other languages and cultures, so when Colin shared a Chinese idiom with me, I had to do a bit of research to find out what it meant and where it originated.  The idiom is “Casting bricks to tease jade out of the master.” I was pleasantly surprised to discover that its origins are in poetry.  Here’s the story from Changing Minds


“…this idea I’m tossing out there is just a brick, but perhaps it will lead one of you to contribute jade.” It’s a humble way to contribute to a conversation…”


“In the Tang dynasty, the poet Chang Jian wanted to the learn from the great poet, Zhao Gu. He wrote half a poem on a temple wall where Zhao was visiting, hoping the better poet would complete it, which Zhao did.”

This got me wondering what it would be like to write collaborative poetry.  The July Challenge is basically this:  Write half of a poem and open it up to fellow Challengers to finish it.  Since we are all fabulous poets, the greater challenge of this will not be the poetry, but the logistics, so I am including the steps.

  1. Write the first half of a poem
  2. Post it on your blog with a link back here to The July Challenge
  3. Include a little something about the form you are using. Is it Free Verse, Sonnet, Quadrille, etc?
  4. If you are using a form, please give a link to a site that explains that form or just give a little refresher.

Example: This is a Sonnet which has 14 total lines, 3 quatrains and a couplet with a rhyme scheme of abab/cdcd/efef/gg.  I am writing the first 7 lines; please write the last 7.

  1. Return here to Jilly’s July Challenge Post and in the comments tell everyone the name of your Challenge Post and a link to it. (Copy & past the URL for the post.)
  2. Browse through the other comments and find someone’s Challenge that you would like to complete.
  3. Copy & paste their 1st half, write the 2nd half, and then post the whole poem. Give them credit for their portion and include a link back to their blog.
  4. Stop back at Jilly’s July Challenge (right here) and share the link to your completed poem in the comments.
  5. Repeat as desired.

I know this is a little bit like going around in blogging circles, so hopefully we won’t get too tied up in knots!

Charley at Life in Portofino did a test run with me on Friday when I posted Sonnet by 2 and he completed it.  There was a bonus added when qbit picked up on the challenge and posted another version.

Please let me know if you have questions!  When in doubt, link everywhere and anywhere you think would help share the fun around.  Everyone is welcome to join in!  We are just a bunch of happy writers having fun with words!

Cheers, Jilly

UPDATE!  Here is a listing (to date) of those who have put out challenge poems for others to complete.  I will add to this list as new half-poems become available.  If I’ve missed anyone, please give me a shout.  Jilly

From Charley:

From Frank:

From Lynn:

From Colin:

From Victoria:

From Jeren:

From Jenna (Revived Writer):  (An exciting 2nd challenge!)

From qbit:

From Nosaintaugstine:

From Petru (petrujviljoen)

From Jilly (the Pre-Challenge example):