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The Teacher Groove

five a.m. feet hit the floor
jazz is playin’
coffee drinkin’
face kissin’
out the door

seven a.m. kids at my door
Chaucer verse plyin’
sarcasm flyin’
student buy-in
bell is vyin’
our time is high an’
dry and they’re
out the door

all morning long
they’s readin’
they’s writin’
they’s commentin’
“This Pardoner dude
is a real duche bag”
Couldn’a said it better

full tilt groovin’
I is behoovin’
students improvin’
never stop movin’

three p.m. hittin’ the car
radio’s soundin’
homeward I’s cruisin’
front door is speakin’

and just like that it’s






Game Over!

© Written & Spoken Words by Jilly  All Rights Reserved

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A wild soul writing poetry.

44 thoughts on “The Teacher Groove

  1. Hah! LOVE this take on the prompt….from one teacher to a retired-from-way-back-when teacher. Most especially this stanza
    “full tilt groovin’
    I is behoovin’
    students improvin’
    never stop movin’”
    You’re really groovin’ here my friend. And my guess is that you get your students groovin’ right with you 🙂 Very very fun………… over! 🙂

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