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Advent 15

Sarah Conner did me the great honor of including a poem of mine on her poetry Advent Calendar. Highly recommended month of reading; go check it out!

Sarah writes poems


the wiznos and gizmos

guffawing and pawing

their whimsical ways

with fanciful dancing

and hullabalooing

chimney dust dusting

we’re afeared to fire

up the fire should the logs

singe his trimmings

and damp’ner our

gramp’ner and frighten

the grandmommer

right into the night

before our sparkling

de’light awakens

the chillins from this

nightmarish sight

This poem comes from Jill Lyman who blogs at There are two versions of Jilly – the silly, and the serious. I like both sides of her writing very much, and I’m pleased that she has let Silly Jilly out to play with us today. Though there’s something a little bit unsettling about this poem, as well.

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A wild soul writing poetry.

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