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Day One – “Vital Updraft”

Day One of 28 Days of Unreason 2017 (WooHoo!)

My writing has been flat, my muse bored, and my heart a bit frantic for a kick-start.  Jim Harrison’s Songs of Unreason is the best curative known to Jilly.  If you are joining in, you are most welcome!  Please know that I will not be doing anything formal (linky & etc.), so just drop me a comment to wave at me; I love your beautiful presence.  The Harrison line is followed by my first poem.  I went with the Tanka form just to be gentle with myself. In case you haven’t written a Tanka before it is like an extended Haiku.  5 lines with syllable counts of 5/7/5/7/7.

Harrison Quote / Day One Prompt:

“In this world of dreams don’t let the clock cut up your life in pieces.”  

~ Jim Harrison


(A Tanka by Jilly ©)

Cumulus expand

Driven upward by their own

Energy and dreams

I stop all progress of time

Caught in the vital updraft

Photo by Jilly ©



A wild soul writing poetry.

7 thoughts on “Day One – “Vital Updraft”

  1. I found Harrison’s Songs of Unreason at the library. I’ll try to read along and add something muse-willing. I like the contrast between the reality of subjectivity’s dreams and objective clock-time which is an artificial model. Nice description of the clouds moving upwards by their own dreams.

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  2. That quote and your poem! It’s going to be an amazing 28 Days of Unreason. I found a sample of Harrison’s book online, the sample being one poem, one! I was already stunned by the brilliance. It made me want to delve deeper into his words. I shall get my hands on a copy soon.

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