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The Code

A Quadrille, as we celebrate the rejuvenating return of The Poet’s Pub at dVerse.  The prompt that Grace gives us for our 44 words is ‘Flicker.’  I’ve been a life-long birder, so it should come as no surprise the direction I took this!



Flickering sounds of a woodpecker’s call bound
along the waves of heated
air toe dancing gingerly
just above the blades
of indecisive  grass


The mate’s reply
sifts and simmers
peppering the breeze
yoked to that ancient


the journey is now complete

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved




A wild soul writing poetry.

67 thoughts on “The Code

  1. You and Victoria both went the way of woodpeckers…but such different poems. I love the full circle of journey in this. And the picture of the bird in the snow – I dream of snow. I like how you used words to separate the steps in the journey. Gorgeous!

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  2. As they did for others, these lines stood out for me:
    toe dancing gingerly
    just above the blades
    of indecisive grass

    Also, “Unlock” which shifted my perspective to from onlooker to a more intimate view.


    1. hmmm… Pileated Woodpecker, I suppose. Usually their message is, ‘Write poetry; pound your head against a tree.’ Wait… that’s what we already do! ha ha


    1. I have friends who just moved from Minnesota to Tyler (north of Austin?) – they are dying. I recommend hanging out in the orange juice concentrate section of the grocery store. 🙂

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      1. Oh man, what a drastic change for them. Yes, I think Tyler is about 4 hours north east of Austin, 2 hours east of Dallas. I definitely need to stick my head in a freezer. 🙂

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  3. I love the flickering sounds of your Quadrille, with the ‘Echo’ and ‘Unlock’ and the evocative:
    ‘air toe dancing gingerly
    just above the blades
    of indecisive grass’.
    A circular Quadrille in its completion.

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  4. The sounds peppering the breeze — love these words that bring sound to my ears through my eyes! Wonderful photo too!
    So late to my reading—you’ve provided wonderful imagery and sound to me this morning. Thank you, Jilly!

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  5. I’m overwhelmed by the volume of responses to this first prompt after the break; poets champing at the bit, words crowding together, yearning to spill out on pages. It is a good time to be a poet, & to use words as our canvas. Your words, all 44 of them, are fabulous.

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  6. A wonderful series of moments…call and response paced …unlock has so much potential … one thing it made me think of is the sound of a woodpecker’s beak in wood

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    1. Thanks, Linda! They are cool birds, indeed. Love the call of the whole species. Stepped out back this morning to the sound of the Pileated. I swear they are related to the pterodactyl 🙂

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      1. We have a small red-headed woodpecker in our neighborhood and we hear him every morning. It’s a wonder he doesn’t have a brain injury! He landed right by us on the fence the past weekend. 🙂

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  7. A dose of the rustic from you lot is the best medicine to retain my sanity in the overcrowded cage. I like how the blurry edges of your line arrangement painted the pastoral imagery with an impressionistic feel wherein highlighting the abstract “echo” and “unlock” with a solid touch. Nice, Jilly!

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