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The Tassel

Ten years from now we’ll look back on this day
And dim will be our memories of pain
Or glories that we’ve conquered in the fray
Forgetting toils that brought us to this gain
The wings of angels sweep these years away
And burned by time our eyes will not retain
The hands that held us up when we were young
And to that innocence we have not clung

© Jilly's 5/25/2017 All Rights Reserved
Dedicated to the class of 2017

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The opening line was heard as I walked across
   campus today.


A wild soul writing poetry.

27 thoughts on “The Tassel

  1. A wonderful graduation poem, Jilly! Three or four years ago I wrote a sonnet for a leavers’ day assembly and at the time I thought how much I would have liked a teacher to write a poem when my class left school.

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  2. I once heard, if you’re worried about something, think if you will still be worried about it a year from now. If the answer is no, you’re wasting your time in worry! Good advice. Perhaps it will work on a ten year scale! Great write!

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      1. I do believe as a teacher you bond with the students and seeing them develop, grow and become decent people makes your heart swell and ache to see them leave the safety of the school and go out into the world.

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  3. I graduated first in my class from community college (AA) but the ceremony was a month after the last class. I was working, in a new routine. & went to a movie the grad night; forget all about it. I called home after the movie, & my folks told me about it. I drive 100 mph to get there, and walked out after Zimbrowski; smile

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  4. This poem contains such universal sentiments, it could be applied to so many things! I didn’t read ‘graduation day’ into it even though I know that’s what it’s about, probably because I’ve never been to one (not even my own), but it works for all those stages in life that we can look back on and possibly not remember all the faces that surrounded us, or the happiness we shared with them.

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    1. It didn’t start in my head as a graduation day poem, but that is what came out. There is something in human nature that causes us to forget some of the milestones moments; they become blurry. Thanks for reading, Jane!


  5. Have you started to celebrate graduation yet? Our students have their last day today. I heard a parent tell their child not to study too hard, lol. I’ll bet a lot of your students are grateful guidance.

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    1. Here in Orlando, our seniors were finished with classes last week and graduation was a couple of days ago. The underclassmen are wrapping up next week. We teachers are wilting like last weeks flowers 🙂

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