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Writing Ottava Rima over at dVerse tonight and decided to try my hand at a mini epic.  I breathe in iambic pentameter what with all the Shakespeare, so this was tons of fun 🙂


The beat of bossa nova fills our hearts
And saddling all the horses start we out
While moon and stars seductively run charts
Fan dancing in the deep, guiding our doubt
The runaway a good two hour start
Though he on foot and we on hooves to rout
The music still plays on inside our heads
Adventure lies before us, won’t crave beds

Coyote on the hill in mournful song
Nocturnal version of the cooing dove
Within our midst we know that he belongs
Will die inside without undying love
Those things we said now echoing with wrongs
Our guilt beats on, reflects the clouds above
The music stills plays on inside our heads
A righteous quest denies our need of bread

Long beat the hooves dull on the famished earth
Dust, grit and gravel clog our onus throats
While ringing in our ears the faded mirth
For he the tender sheep while we are goats
The music lingers on inside our heads
We will not be defeated though we dread

Gardenia blossom fills our empty hands
We breathe it in and see the lad at rest
Upon the bank free from the desert lands
He is but sleeping, tenderly is blest
New music plays inside our heads
Will bring him home and all take to our beds


© Jilly’s May 25, 2017 All Rights Reserved

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The Tassel

Ten years from now we’ll look back on this day
And dim will be our memories of pain
Or glories that we’ve conquered in the fray
Forgetting toils that brought us to this gain
The wings of angels sweep these years away
And burned by time our eyes will not retain
The hands that held us up when we were young
And to that innocence we have not clung

© Jilly's 5/25/2017 All Rights Reserved
Dedicated to the class of 2017

We are writing Ottava Rima over at dVerse - join us!

The opening line was heard as I walked across
   campus today.