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Mars red Mars orange

Mars red Mars orange
a map to show me the way across the year

at 10:36 each night tapestry wing-backs that never got recovered like I planned

Mars still keeps time pays us
no attention
though we are watching
Mars entirely too much these days
with chicken little leading the way
the sky has always been falling the stars
don’t seem to know  
to care enough to recover
our shabby tapestry
to reupholster our worn out edges they
just move as they have always moved
Mars red Mars orange

© Jilly  All Rights Reserved

Join me over at dVerse for Meeting The Bar where we are playing with repetition in our poetry. 



A wild soul writing poetry.

50 thoughts on “Mars red Mars orange

  1. Effective use in repetition here, Jilly. It mimics the rhythm of the rut of upholstery unchanged, suggests there are dreams, visions, but they are stuck in the mundane. (Purely projection on my part, I am sure.)

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  2. A brilliant example of repetition, Jill! I like the idea that Mars red Mars orange is a map to show you the way across the year – trusting the universe as a guide, and the lines:
    ‘the sky has always been falling the stars

    just move as they have always moved’.


  3. Mars and all the other planets and stars move as they always do, without giving us notice. Our shabby tapestry is nothing compared to their splendor. Thanks for hosting Jilly.

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  4. Nice use of repetition. Yet my favorite phrase doesn’t include your repeated word and that is “the sky has always been falling.” Not sure why I like it. I guess that’s how poetry is, though. You either like it or not, and can’t always say why.

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  5. Unflinching, unchanging, masking its past, impervious to us as we destroy the blue gem in the red Martian sky–Mars is emotionless, and yet waiting for the first man or woman who will walk on its face.

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  6. Mars has been amazing this summer. I like this poem – the contrast between the stars and our frenetic activity is nicely drawn.

    I initially thought a wingback was an American football player, which would have been a very different poem…

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  7. Ah, how little the tapestry of our lives (redone or otherwise) matters in the grand scheme of things. We just aren’t that powerful, and the sun refuses yet to revolve about us. Indeed the sky has always been falling. Much here to consider. Wonderful repetition!

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  8. I really like this, Jilly. The tone is resigned as the voice makes these observations. I like the reference to chicken little. But overall, I get the vibe of ” yeah, and so life goes on”….(.just my take)

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  9. i have never really taken notice of Mars, but reading your poem has given me new inspiration. love the repetition of Mars red, Mars orange, the two colours that are never confused for the other though they are so close on the colour spectrum

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      1. too much light pollution where i am right now. I would love to see Mars that close, I am going to check out how long it stays that way in the Northern Hemisphere as I will be traveling that way year end. thank you for the inspiration Jilly

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  10. I am thinking maybe your Muse is from the red planet – the way you wove this tapestry of earthly lowlights and cosmic highlights.
    p.s. I am usually a Mars watcher and have only recently discovered its moons are called fear and panic!

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