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Sharp Objects

jitter shake and tremble, cold cold coffee
don’t slurp
is it cold or shock
(it’s both)
the copper stars break
jump and jerk in the fan reflection
prince is still on my desk waiting to be ripped he rips
it like none other
only raul gets that too bad he o.d.’d on the cuban
coffee last year back before he almost burned
his place down with that dog with the broken ear too
bad about the coffee i could use some jitter shake and tremble
so i could bludgeon the fears of never seeing god in action
only the neglect that causes the jitter shake and tremble
the shock part coffee brake emergency brake fire break
if you drop it does it break like my
yellow coffee cup on the garage floor
i am too dangerous to be given sharp objects
like anger and despair black and white on the floor of the italian deli
with a splash of red or maybe blue
as we all keep gazing out over the sod and don’t give in to
soccer the devo game according to coach k let’s just load up the bases
raw and pure like that canker sore on my right cheek raw
pure and painful do we stop feeling if we don’t have pain?


© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved



A wild soul writing poetry.

6 thoughts on “Sharp Objects

  1. Jilly, I love the free-flow stream of this. Raw, out of your personal experiences. While I might not get every reference — like I might not get every stroke of the brush in a painting — I get the picture you’re laying down on this canvas of words “jitter shake and tremble…is it cold or shock…break
    jump and jerk….” A step too far in the world of won’t leave me alone is what I see/feel. “…bludgeon the fears of never seeing god in action…” Too many great combinations here! Ouch and wow, Jilly!

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  2. Can’t believe I missed this! Amazing! “”i am too dangerous to be given sharp objects / like anger and despair ” — that is phenomenal. Actually, the whole thing is phenomenal.

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