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Hitchcock Birds

Hitchcock birds covering the baseball field
the batting cages
they move in murmuration

slow and quick

My blackened voice lifts off the ground with them

(no one sees us)

in a zizz and swirl
soundless except for the air they press and fold

© Jilly’s All Rights Reserved

for De’s Quadrille challenge at dVerse.



A wild soul writing poetry.

27 thoughts on “Hitchcock Birds

  1. I like the way that the words ‘Hitchcock birds’ brings an immediate monochrome picture in my head of the birds on the climbing frame – not of a baseball field or batting cages. I love the phrase ‘they move in murmuration’. But I think the line that stands out for me in your quadrille, Jill, is ‘My blackened voice lifts off the ground with them’.


  2. The murmurations of starlings are such a harbinger of winter. Nature paints such pictures, aptly described in your poem!


  3. move in murmuration was fabulous Jilly! like they followed the heart beatings of the others, slow but quick, these opposite but complimentary actions do exist – I like that you remind me of how both can function in an event

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  4. “in a zizz and swirl // soundless except for the air they press and fold”
    Soundless and yet your head produces the sound as you read this! I suspect that there is a larger poem… more to be said. Yet this, in the constraint of the 44, manages much. Well done!


    1. Sound triggered by motion – hadn’t thought about that being synesthesia, but you’re right. Funny – my students are going through Those Winter Sundays this past week and one remarked about his use of that, too. Glad you stopped by to read, my friend!


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