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Day 12 of 28 Days of Unreason

“The mountains are so dominant
that some days the people refuse
to look at them as children
turn away from the fathers who beat them”

~ Jim Harrison  from Songs of Unreason


Come, my friends, let us be unreasonable. Does this quote from Songs of Unreason inspire any poetry within you?  Post your poem, crediting Harrison, and link it here in comments.  Read others. Be unreasonable. ~Jilly



A wild soul writing poetry.

44 thoughts on “Day 12 of 28 Days of Unreason

      1. The whole thing was brutal — the writing and the story. I spent all morning in Colorado, but as a child I Ioved those mountains. Couldn’t find a thread. Somehow about an hour or ago I had this flash of the face of one of the children who’d carried our gear.

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      2. My jaw aches from gritting my teeth. Interesting though, the Great Wall saved my life in China. I spent every weekend hiking remote parts. At some point I need to write an ode to my boots, which gave up the ghost and the soles came off in the back country. I taped them back on with duct tape every couple of hours for two days. I gave them a burial on the Great Wall. The’d come far enough.

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