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Learning to Read

untamed morning
comes barging through
the doors,
the streaked windows,
showing the spots
we missed
in yesterday’s
polish and shine

we turn back
to page one
and learn again
how to read
the day,
what we missed
for the last
carefully wrapping
ghosts in tea towels
because we have
no shrouds

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

for Day 11 of 28 Days of Unreason

“Nearly everything we are taught is false except how to read”

~  Jim Harrison from Songs of Unreason




A wild soul writing poetry.

17 thoughts on “Learning to Read

  1. I see a connection between the smear and the ghosts – and the spectral carries the lightness of being right through these lines – even the impact ending does so with a phantasmagorical punch

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  2. Turning back to page one to read what we’ve missed in a day, in a millennium. . .seeing the ghosts–I really like this.
    I think, too, that the kitchen is often the center of a house/household, so there’s that sense that this is where the connections would be (and are in my Merril world).


  3. Excellent from the first to the last, vibrant, alive. (Well, OK, dead in the last bit but you know what I mean).. One of your best of the series with the way it barges in to our consciousness and then wraps it all up.

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  4. Learning to read the day to see what was missed. Using tea-towels -as there are no shrouds. My mind is spinning in a few different directions. We are trying not to repeat the mistakes of old by using our own methods to solve the puzzle.
    I see different interpretations and love that. It shows how we all ‘read between the lines’ and conjure up images that fit our own narrative. This is mine… and probably far off from what you intended…. but I’m enjoying my own fantasy 😊

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