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Sweet Peas Renga – Jilly/Maureen

Maureen Sudlow has accepted my Renga Challenge!  We will complete our ten-couplets here. If you have not stopped by Maureen’s beautiful blog,  kiwissoar,  I highly recommend it!  She shares poetry and photos and her quest with painting.  Her New Zealand photographs are a highlight of my days. My opening couplet is inspired by one of her posts.


Like sweet peas in water colors
echoes cross the river

evening cloud
a rainbow bleeds into the sea

tinting the sun in primary hues
drying too quickly to deny the ache

ripples on the water
the emptiness of space

reverberating in time
with the heron’s solitary call

beyond the path of the whale
footprints of seabirds along the sands

breach from my throat in warbled tones
a solo song of love’s unrest

until, like love
the echoes fade, and die

to rupture again, and again
in clouds of ash and iron and mud

and the darkness falls
but the song goes on, forever.


Join us at Jilly’s January Challenge of Casting Bricks to Attract Jade for some collaborative poetry; everyone is welcome!



A wild soul writing poetry.

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