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Sweet Peas – Renga Challenge

Here is my first Renga Challenge for the January Edition of Casting Bricks.  Care to take up this challenge?  Just drop me a note in the comments section below and I’ll set up a post for us. Renga is normally a total of ten couplets completed by two poets.  January is going to be a great month!  ~Jilly


“Like sweet peas in water colors
Echoes cross the river…”





A wild soul writing poetry.

23 thoughts on “Sweet Peas – Renga Challenge

  1. Hmmm… “Where Gregor’s bones howl their DNA”. Um, nah. “Their chorus a soup of song and sustenance”. Hmm.. No… “Peas on Earth / and goodwill towards men!” No. Grumble…

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  2. “Mendel and Mendelssohn twisted together in counterpoint, base pairs and tenor splices that green and grow and express our sustenance and joy.” Or something random like that, LOL!

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      1. Ultimately, I like this one:
        “Our dung, our beetled life, our turvey sleep
        we fall into carapaces and disjointed limbs”
        I’ll set it up if you agree… then the next falls to me.


    1. So glad you asked! This is a 2-person Renga in which 2 poets swap couplets. (There are also 4-person Rengas with a slightly different format.)
      If you would like to give this one a whirl, I will set up a fresh post that is you and I and we will give it a go! You are also welcome to start one of your own – just follow the steps on the Casting Bricks home page. Another option is that I see Sarah Connor has posted a Renga Challenge this morning, as well. (See the Mr. Linky on the home page.) Whatever you cho0se, you are a wonderful, welcome addition to the fun! ~Jilly
      Casting Bricks Home:


      1. A challenger starts a Renga by posting a couplet and then anyone who wants to take up the challegne lets the challenger know. The challenger then sets up a post that is dedicated to the Renga between those two. I currently have 2 different poets who have accepted my Sweet Peas Challenge, so there are 2 dedicated posts running on my blog (you’ll see one with Maureen & one with qbit). They start with the same couplet but go in completely different directions. If you would like to take up the Sweet Pea challenge, I’ll set up a fresh post for you and I. Casting Bricks runs all month, so there are many opportunities to get involved!


      2. Which I did very badly. (Bad cold is muddying my brain!) Yes, by all means, we can give this Renga a whirl – just say the word! I’ll set it up and link you up.


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