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Renga – Geometry (Jilly/Charley/Qbit/Madaket)

A circle within
The well of infrequent tongues
Radius opens

An arc of conversation
repeats at high frequency

Unseen calculus
Area under your heart –
Infinity fails

Reveals unspoken postulates
Painful theorems eroding truth

Residue in cups
Wrestling your motes and beams
Whitewashed verity

Vitreous fibers obscure
A miasma of deceit

Cataracts of light
Impassable to the soul
Dark water falling

An incalculable angle
Vibrates and vies for integration

Strike the tuning fork
Voices search for common key
Hardened arteries

Implanting resonant stents
Bypass cholesterol thoughts

Tendons hum like wires
Chorded axioms of blood
Theory proved in song

Mainlining reason
To the point of origin.




A wild soul writing poetry.

80 thoughts on “Renga – Geometry (Jilly/Charley/Qbit/Madaket)

      1. Your Haiku was great! Ignore the naysaying nabobs of negativism! Here’s mine, from 40,00 feet (since we are now obsessed with numeracy…)

        Unseen calculus
        Area under your heart
        Infinity fails

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      2. Slight edits…

        Paradise lost
        The night of Newton –
        A moon’s shadow
        Across the Cam,
        Cool light cut
        Both time and space –
        Whole cloth from which
        Our souls depart
        In measure.

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      3. Paradise lost
        The night of Newton –
        A moon’s shadow walking
        Across the River Cam,
        When cool light
        Cut both time and space
        From whole cloth
        And our souls
        In measure.

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      1. Yes, well, there were issues of the heart in there, so it seems necessary; blood is like birds – practically required for poetry 🙂 HAHA!
        Actually, what came to mind for me was the practice of an upright bass player doing the blood-on-the-tracks right of passage. Works with the chord reference.


      2. Home Run!!! Thank you for having the decency to stick to my baseball metaphor… unless you are a football fan, as well…

        Nice ending couplet! I will update the post and then read the completed version. 🙂

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      3. So glad to hear you say that! I find it necessary to rib all football fans; you’re in good company.
        I grew up on baseball, so I can make a metaphor of it for every occassion.


    1. Great job, Mr. q! I’m not certain I understand it all — including my own contributions — but poetry just needs to be… not necessarily mean. Or something like that.


      1. Lol! I certainly don’t understand it either, but it hangs together nicely. Which is better than if each of us had to hang separately. Or something. Oh well…

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    1. Sarah, I’ll set up a post for you and I and link you. You and I can do one of our own and we will be fabulous! Give me a few minutes to get my technological stuff together.


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