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The Tragic Ballad of Little Muldoon

I and Kuhn and little Muldoon
down to Log Lake did wander
cool was the mud betwixt my toes
and the sneezer did tickle my nose

I and Kuhn and little Muldoon
to the water’s edge did we gander
the air we did sniff and persnuffled
the breeze how our fur it out truffled

I and Kuhn and little Muldoon
thinking back it raises my dander
there a floating log opened its eye
and snatched up Muldoon passing by

I and Kuhn without our Muldoon
ran back up the bank of the lander
I will never endeavor to swim
with the likes of a log such as him!

© Poem and Photograph by Jilly

Join us over at dVerse!  It's Spring !
In the voice of this little raccoon -
I happened to be there when he lost his sibling
to an enterprising gator at Circle B Bar Preserve near Lakeland, Florida.
Turns out that raccoons are into rhyme and meter - who knew. 


A wild soul writing poetry.

23 thoughts on “The Tragic Ballad of Little Muldoon

    1. Gator had a raccoon snack and we, unfortunatly were there – camera in hand. Nature has many sides. This Preserve is a marvelous and sometimes frightening place.


  1. It must have seemed kind of scary as the gator ate Muldoon. Sure lets you know you’re not watching Animal Planet from a safe distance at home. I loved the rhyme scheme. It seems kind of Victorian, cool!


  2. This reminds me of the old nursery rhymes that sound so jovial despite the tragic endings. A wonderful cadence and I love the use of the word “persnuffled”.


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