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Home Most Holy

A cup
With you each
Morning beside the frozen
World that buffets and bullies
Running away we with the osprey
Dragonfly rising on updrafts darting diving anhinga
These are they whose language I speak
Whose thoughts I hear screamed silently
Whose laughter I share loudly
This is home most
Holy with you
Commune and

© Jilly’s Poem & Photo

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Day 5 of NaPoWritMo and we are encouraged to write a poem that is based in the natural world.

The Sago pondweed grows to the surface of the lake in drought
A tell of how shallow the water truly is when thirsty
The herons and egrets wade further out
Empathizing and keening for the voiceless vultures
Who hop gracelessly down the increasing bank
For water to rinse away what we try not to think of

It is a dry spring here, too
Where I watch from my back door
Longing to reel and cry over the land
Calling down a cold driving rain

© Jilly’s Poem & Photograph

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The Tragic Ballad of Little Muldoon

I and Kuhn and little Muldoon
down to Log Lake did wander
cool was the mud betwixt my toes
and the sneezer did tickle my nose

I and Kuhn and little Muldoon
to the water’s edge did we gander
the air we did sniff and persnuffled
the breeze how our fur it out truffled

I and Kuhn and little Muldoon
thinking back it raises my dander
there a floating log opened its eye
and snatched up Muldoon passing by

I and Kuhn without our Muldoon
ran back up the bank of the lander
I will never endeavor to swim
with the likes of a log such as him!

© Poem and Photograph by Jilly

Join us over at dVerse!  It's Spring !
In the voice of this little raccoon -
I happened to be there when he lost his sibling
to an enterprising gator at Circle B Bar Preserve near Lakeland, Florida.
Turns out that raccoons are into rhyme and meter - who knew. 
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There are voices
in these woods
souls about the garden
They speak
if you listen

Not the grand
nor the showy
but the small, the shy
the sly pink blossom
a short lens
zoomed in close
a delicate hand
at the helm
while I say,

‘I see you there, small one.’


Poem and Image © Jilly’s 2016

Taken at Harry P. Leu Gardens

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Closing Portal

Nature has portals rather than doors ~ James Harrison

A smooth storm flowing up from the south birthed that reverie, 
an echo, 
drawing open a window across the pea green pond of the mind.
A chant-cry reverberating over the canopy of trees 
stopped thought, 
a steel voice the color of eternity

“Sail through
Sail through
Sail through”

Tiny drops of shadow
Moving me from lake to lake
A young ghost almost
Cat-like I glide
Before the juddering call

Slipping from this life to the next

Ignorant until the daydream becomes that moment we called death

© Jilly's 2016