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Promises, Promises

Anger is the atonement of art
spilled from our bellies

the ugly red pills
of my shirtless obsessions

Your hair, draped across
my face while I watch
you sleep,
a promise
your mouth
your feet
are planning
not to keep

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

“Love is raw as freshly cut meat,
mean as a beetle on the track of dung.”

~ Jim Harrison from Songs of Unreason  

Day 20 of 28 Days of Unreason



A wild soul writing poetry.

23 thoughts on “Promises, Promises

  1. Jilly, I’ve had a lot of anger to deal with in my past due to my violent upbringing and have looked at it in many different ways. I’ve never looked at it the way you have described it in this poem and I like this different way of viewing it. You did a great job with this, thank you! Blessings, Deborah

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  2. And this, Jill, is why so many prefer to consider love best left as a spectator sport. “the ugly red pills / of my shirtless obsessions” I love how this turns us from a definition “Anger is…” to view the cocked and baited mousetrap of a one-way relationship (better, unrelationship). Beautifully and sparingly written. Horribly effective!

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  3. Fascinating. The first line is amazing, and so is the second. Opens us up and we don’t know where we are heading after that. The hair makes no promises that the rest of him won’t keep, very strong. I can link it back to the beginning and the anger. But the shirtless obsession remains wonderfully vague. It is the line I keep returning to.

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    1. 1. Written in the male voice. 2. What is symbolic in a shirt? 3. What attitude(s) can be attributed to a man who goes shirtless?
      I set this line up to work in at least 2 ways depending on how you answer those things for yourself.


  4. Anger, obsession, promises not kept–all put together in this bleakly spare poem. Wonderful.
    (In my head, this is a white room with light wood, no clutter–but there is bright color on the bed, and maybe a red rug. . .)

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