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Day 25 – Dear Jim

There are just a few remaining days in our 28 Days of Unreason. Songs of Unreason has provided us with a number of quotes about water; this one triggered a response directed at our author, hence my title for today, Dear Jim.  Here is the line from Harrsion for today and my poem.

“The river can’t heal everything”  ~ Jim Harrison

Dear Jim,
For seven eternities we have been water, moving water, searching for healing from these unclaimed sins and now you tell us.

I look to the towering Norfolk Pine

but she, too, is silent

and incapable.


© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved




A wild soul writing poetry.

10 thoughts on “Day 25 – Dear Jim

  1. OK, that’s amazing. And we were both hovering over water, redemption and healing, lol! I like that you take on Jim directly. I feel like that a lot. The ending was beautiful and just hints at its truth.

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    1. Thank you! After all that water and then this quote, I just wanted to tell him to F off! lol. As to the redemption theme, did you read the completion of Jeren’s poem yesterday?


    1. What occured to me was that all month he has been saying we are water and then this audacious statement! I wanted to grab him by the collar and say, ‘What the hell?!’


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