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Sonnet by 2

A sneak peek at the July Challenge, I have written the first half of a Sonnet (7 lines) and Charley over at Life in Portofino has agreed to dive in and write the second half.  I must admit, Lynn Burton got me thinking about nightmares with her recent post called Dream and it fed this quite well!  Good luck, Charley!


Beneath the bed a garden sits and waits
Smooth the sheets, my head upon the pillow
Asleep am I until the chaos breaks
Carrots clawed by digging armadillo

Nightmare screams from radishes upended
Oh, Stevenson! Upon this counterpane,
Your childhood verses here would be splendid,



A wild soul writing poetry.

14 thoughts on “Sonnet by 2

    1. Thanks, Jeren! It’s funny, but the armadillo only showed up because I had to rhyme it with pillow since it’s a sonnet. I laughed as I wrote it!
      I hope you stopped by Charley’s blog and read the completed sonnet. It is a glimpse of the July Challenge. I am working on the details of it this afternoon and hope to have it posted Sunday evening EST. So, that would be middle of the night Sunday night/Monday morning for you. (Not sure which time zone you are in.)

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      1. I read the finished poem. It’s just so beautiful, how the poem grew and evolved with both of your words. I love when rhyming surprise us with some great words. I’m in India, so my time zone is gmt +5 30 so idk how that goes there. I think it would Sunday early morning F me, don’t worry whenever you publish it, I’ll be sure to check it out.

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  1. Here is a darker turn —

    This naked-tailed, nine-banded coot, it prys
    Into our dreams, its scenes. It’s loose! Good lord!
    The chase is on! And deep and deeper flys
    Its run, to sleep’s deep source, to nighttime’s hoard.

    ‘Till dawn awakes us back in bed, our hearts
    Now still, our dread relieved from night’s dark arts.

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    1. Hooray! I love this! So, this is what the July Challenge is going to be about. Consider yourself personally invited to join in. I am working on the details this afternoon and will be posting the Challenge by Sunday evening. Please feel free to post the full Sonnet by 2 if you would like to 🙂
      Wow – such a nightmare quality you put into the 2nd half. I’m still marvelling!

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