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JC’s Blues Cafe

Hooker sings

don’t know how how how

JC’s Blues Café makes

bakes shakes and brings

you to the very edge

of Red Beans and Rice

peel off your jacket

put on your blues

wading shoes the music

runs deep the low country

cookin’ ain’t all that’s cookin’

Shrimp and Grits and they

sure is lookin’ finely

chopped for Miles haint

lost his chops nuh uh

Come on in the kitchen

is jumpin’ and the juke joint

is bubba gumpin’

pass me a little of that Cajun

Power sauce over here

the collards have hollard

they’s feelin’weakly

we’s here every Saturday

nightly at JC’s Blues Café.

© Jilly’s 2016



A wild soul writing poetry.

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