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Auto Biograph Ick-ality

or “How I Turned Out Like This”

A Silly Jilly Poem for Scribbling indVerse. 

She was razed
up to be a
so when she try-folded
the trowels
and dug dirt with bath
towels a Shirley-you-jest
beat her hibbity chest
proclaiming in voco-profundo
“Art thou no doctor of mime!”

Her tale is a glad one, but true
she stammered her pen and off flew
a self-percolating
and unliberating
poet of weirdness and wine

the children of kerfuffle and thyme
gathered their carrots and rhyme
tucked under their tosies
and sneezled their nozies
tilling the soil quite sub-lime.

they supplanted citrus and bells
all glorious hast’ning with spells
the magic was tragic
it flew from their grabick
and landed with happy unlines

© Jilly’s & Silly-Jilly  All Rights Reserved

Our Bartender has asked me to take the mic and record this, so here ’tis!

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Terribly Literal Elevenie

A second Elevenie.  This is what happens when an English teacher listens to jazz on a Sunday afternoon!


Idea thingy
Part of speech
Existence defined by word

Take action
Part of speech
Movin’ groovin’ accomplishin’ deeds


© Jilly’s