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Day Two – “Plums and Red Wine” (a Lament)

Day Two of 28 Days of Unreason 2017 and I have pulled out all the stops on ‘Pathetic’ with this poem.  A thank you to Björn for the idea of using a letter format to tell a story.
Jim Harrison’s Songs of Unreason is the muse for these 28 Days.

Harrison Quote / Day Two Prompt:

“That morning the sun forgot to rise”  

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Photo by Jilly ©

(A Lament) by Jilly ©

from A Box of Unsent Letters

 My Love,

                This is just to say that I wish the only news were that I had eaten some melancholy fruit from the ice box, but in truth

I accidently deleted my part of that short story we were writing together and I lack the tech to retrieve it


I put a long, zaggedy scratch down the side of my car while returning the lawn mower to the garage


Certain that a glass red wine and a cool shower were just the things to settle my nerves, I poured it


I tripped on that step just below the landing.   A pinkish shadow still remains in a very obvious spot, what with the carpet being white.


I showered off the sweat and bits of grass from my loneliness and had a good cry knowing that you have gone reluctantly to bid goodbye to a dying father you barely knew in a faraway state

And I am dying here without you.