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‘Summer Tempo’ in 4/4 Time

I wrote this on Monday morning when I realized that there are only 3 weeks (3!!) remaining until I pack up my school bag and head back to work.  There is too much jazz left for summer to end this soon.  


Kids go out the door
no tears for them
deny mine
flying full bore
into the endless arms of June


Dizzying spin of days
nights of laughter
love sangria on ice
dancing on the sand
in the kitchen

Fiery dynamite bright
lights the celebratory way
easing into a Blanchard
groove steady days stretch
fore and aft jazzing the sway



No denying the entrance
Chet-smooth ignoring
truth that months become
weeks a subtle blues works
its way peripherally
into the score


Mere Miles
to go a muted question
lingers in the cool
ignoring the answer
So What am I to do
with these remaining days


© Jilly’s All Rights Reserved

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As a Deer

A Summer Haibun for dVerse ~


When all at once a summer evening rain deepens the leaves and grass to bottle green and the lake turns dusky grey with pockmark drops strewn as confetti on the face of it. I grab my camera and shoot the sky (rather than the moon) until russet brown movement across the water catches my peripheral.  Two young deer have come out of the woods; they frolic like bent legged dogs darting to the water for a drink, back to the chase and tag, and before I can zoom and click, they have slipped into the trees and are gone. We go back inside and listen in the quiet of the darkness to thunder and our hearts beating in time with the elusive earth’s depth

Rain brings joy behooved

Stillness stirs our souls to wild

Yearnings of the deep


© Jilly’s Poetry & Photo

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Racing Toward September

We would wield
A dull butcher knife
Slicing against the grain
Of green on green rind
Cutting in two
Like twin halves of a broken
Heart, red with seeds spilling
Black and shiny
And smaller
White alewives
Onto the kitchen counter
Spiriting off with large slices
And a salt shaker to
The back porch sitting
On the edge of the pock-marked
Cement, spitting seeds
Into the grass
Sucking hard on the escaping
Juices and the illusiveness
Of those
Long northern days
That slipped away too
Fast, racing toward

© Jilly's
All Rights Reserved
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And Dangerous as the Human Heart

“…in the black changing sound
 of night, the enormous Florida night,
 metallic with cicadas, musical
 and dangerous as the human heart.”

Lynda Hull
 from Insect Life of Florida

The highways swish and buzz
hot tires like a one-night-stand
speak dirty to the asphalt
together they cry in an ecstasy of anger
using, being used, knowing this
yet, embracing the night
igniting desire, one
for distance, miles to go before
rocking to the clicking of cooling
the other, living only through
those that pass over
used up and forgotten on this
night that

© Jilly’s 2016

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Always Summer

“Why, it is she that has got all Narnia under her thumb.
It’s she that makes it always winter.
Always winter, and never Christmas; think of that!”

~ C.S. Lewis from The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
(The Chronicles of Narnia)

Occasionally it is fall
Briefly it is spring
I know this by the trees
Growing along the river

Once upon a time
I put on coat, hat, boots, gloves
Shoveled, swept
Drove to the market
For sad hot house tomatoes

Now upon this time
I grab purse, keys
Drive to the market for
And sad hot house tomatoes

Always summer, never tomatoes; think of that!

© Jill’s 2016

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