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Scra(m)bling for Words

A week ago I took up the Challenge from my good friend and poet, NoSaintAugustine, and played a game a Scrabble for words to complete his intriguing poem.  It has moldered in the editing process all this time.  This morning I realized that it was unfinished because I had insulted my internal Editor with my words.  Once realised, I told her to get over it and get back to work.  Here is the outcome 😉    (N.S. Augustine’s words are in bold; mine follow.)

Harsh poet, exact your daily fee
Of dew and pity
Work as a tofu waiter
To earn medicine you borer bee
With your waxy yoke

Make a pile of wood dust

Your boots cooled in the queue
Waiting for those pills that help you
Dance for them
You dance for them with haughty eye
You wear your tutu like a mane

Gentle editor, kite your daily bread
Of ax and quotes
Toil as a charlatan
To find that shadow you ripened roach
With your two-noded ire

Make a pile of wood dust

Your lungs jabbed with postpone
Waiting for those apes that kill you
Dance with them
You dance with them for taxi fare
You wear your mane like a tutu

© Collaborative Poetry of NoSaintAugustine & Jilly

Everyone is welcome to join us at Casting Bricks to Attract Jade, a Collaborative Poetry project filled with friendly, fun and zany poets!  This one was a ton of fun!  If you don’t have a Scrabble board, give the Words With Friends app a whirl.