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Crane (A Sestina)

I must credit (or perhaps blame) my good friend, Lynn Burton at Colorful Pen for posting an excellent Sestina.  Her use of the form served as a reminder that the sestina has been moldering on my list of forms.  Don’t get me wrong, I love working with forms, but every time I looked at a Sestina, I suddenly had some pressing appointment that I had forgotten! Turns out to be just as challenging as I suspected. For a terrific discussion of the sestina and how to go about writing one of you own, I highly recommend Robert Brewer’s Poetic Asides.  Here is CRANE:

This world wends its way along a course,
time a swiftly flowing current
of years and moments blown before the wind
as the falling of the leaves
barren like the land over which they fly
we long to see tomorrow, our necks craned.

But the simplicity of today is in the instinctual crane
who finds satisfaction as a matter of course
in driving hard his wings to fly
to be one with the air currents
lofting over tree-top’s green leaves
moving sympathetically against the wind

At evensong he makes his way, winding
homeward, neither striving nor craning
his outstretched neck, leaving
the river to complete its course
keeping pace, his call current
and true, to the roost he flies.

So too, our days fly
past us, caught in the winds
of time, a swiftly flowing current
and we dither, forming origami cranes;
childlike, they are too coarse
to display with the autumn leaves

And though we long to comprehend those falling leaves,
they brown and change, flying
falling into dusty coarseness,
swept away with the violent winds
of coming winter whose snow is as white as a crane’s
feathers, whose face is as crimson as a ripened currant.

So our lives are a fluid current
we grasp at time as winter leaves
and spring returns as faithful as the crane
who from the roost flies;
the clock chimes and we wind
its gears and pour along the course

Hold fast your current course
as leaves caught in the wind
your life a flying flash as brilliant as the crane in flight.

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Sandhill Crane © Jill Lyman
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eyes at my windows

Photo by Jilly ©

windows to thy Sandhill soul

unfolding the red

infiltration of thy grey

feathers Paranoia Mine


Tanka by Jilly©


Photo by Jilly ©

Sandhill Cranes

We are being challenged by Lillian over at dVerse to write about the view from our windows, or the view into our windows.  Looking In/Looking Out.  Join us!

These charming Sandhill Cranes, a breeding pair and their young one (bottom photo) posed for me one very hot day just outside my window.  Their prehistoric-sounding call is a delight! The Paranoia part is purely fictional for poetry’s sake.