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A Prayer for Rain

stop the bitter sun
it only sours the sky

petition the rain to beat
your skin until you swim

in forest smells of algae
of living mold

urge your lake
to worship the sea

to milk time after
you lie bare at her feet

© Jilly’s  All Rights Reserved

Kim at dVerse bids us write a Quadrille (a poem of exactly 44 words) using the word “Rain.”  Here in Florida we should be at the end of our Dry Season, a time we refer to as our Fire Season.  Instead we are in a prolonged time of rain thanks to an unstable weather pattern that brings tropical moisture both day and night.  There are no fires, including that rather large one that dominates the sky from dawn to dusk.  😉


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Rain After Drought

Another day of writing a Fib, this one ascending / descending with a bit of rhyme.





Long await

Your glorious balm

Pour out thy fire

Of cleansing pain

Gallop across this

Land with ire

Feign death




© Jilly’s Poem & Photo

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Upon Such Fragile Wings

Rising to power
On effortless wings
Of mysterious mists
To reign
To tower

Becoming other
Than what once was
Before supremacy
Before climbing

Now realizing
How great the fall
From such heights
Casting off of crowns
To tumble down
Sacrifice to ransom
To become as before

Such fragile wings
Hath the rain

© Jilly's 2016

Day 23
28 Days of Unreason