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Turning – An Artist’s Challenge

Completing Petru’s Challenge poem for December Casting Bricks (collaborative poetry) proved to be an immense delight! A deep fog set in this morning and this little dance ensued.  Her words are in bold (half a quadrille) and my 22 follow. The title is in honor of the very fine artist who presented the challenge.  Please stop by Petru’s beautiful site and browse around.  Anyone who would care to join us at Casting Bricks to Attract Jade is heartily welcome!


Step! Two, three and again

step two! Now – turn around


voice receding –

centrifugal distant tracking

rhythm raises

drum      beat

light deepening


Skip! A beat syncopate

the rhythm — cabriole

one-eighty —

centripetally returning


the pound, pound, pounding

in your breast –

clasp            the dark


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Song (a displacement)

Petru was the most recent to join in the July Challenge with her thought-provoking half-poem entitled Song.  Moving out of form poetry (which I love dearly) and into free verse is always a free floating moment of beauty.  This is no exception.  If you have not taken up her challenge, I encourage you to do so.  Note: The first stanza belongs to Petru, the final two are mine.

Raven q(r)uark, crassing, voicing,
mate circling a similar air.
Independent, minded, capable
of linguistic displacement, weighted
with significant information –
it was present at inception.

Ant quark, mouthing, secreting,
dance on communing ground,
eusocial, hierarchal, capable
of feats of Atlas, weighted
with significant location-
it feeds the nation.

(Wo)man, blundering, screaming, pleading,
mate longing for a similar fare.
liberated, tethered, weighted
with significant perception –
they progenize the earth. 

Collaborative Poetry Petrujviljoen / Lyman