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Falling Passion – a Dodoitsu

passion flower foliage

tough love set with pruning shears

chemo cut before the storm

now returns to life


© Jilly’s All Rights Reserved

Posted for Frank’s Haikai Challenge #3 Foliage

The seasonal words of Japanese poetry vary by the region in which the poet lives.  Autumn in Florida means not color change nor falling leaves; it is our Hurricane Season (storm) and that long-awaited end of the heat.  It is that season which turns to tourists and outdoor festivals; it is that season when my Passion Vine can still shine, in spite of her pruning. The Dodoitsu is intended to be about work or love, and while it ought to have a comical twist, I chose to ignore that rule, just as the vine ignores the fact that many consider her a weed.  😉

Photo by Jilly



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Day 23 – Host

“Such fragile wings”

~ Jim Harrison from Songs of Unreason


With childlike verve
she leaps
from the soil, arabesques
sunward to embrace
synthesize all the power
of Sol
into her scented corona
sending secreted signals
to her mate

Photo by Author

Gulf Fritillary
hears, senses
arrives on
such fragile wings

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The pass flora incarnate, passion flower, in all its exotic beauty, serves as the host plant to the beautiful orange Gulf and Variegated Fritillary butterflies who lay their eggs on the vine.  The hatched caterpillars exfoliate the host, spin their cocoons on the plant and the cycle continues.  Fortunately, the passion is prolific and returns with, well… passion.

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On Thursday we added a Passion Flower to our garden – my favorite among plants.  She has submitted to countless photos, a Six-Word Saturday and now, this.  Tonight we are writing Haibuns over at dVerse and Bjorn challenges us to write about the theme of Sport.  Please join us!

Tightly coiled sinews, muscles grumbling, demanding the tap, turned to almost skin-reddening hot, loosens, cajoles, body-sighing curative from a knotted night, giving way to those oldest of friends; Leotard, Mat, Jungle Music; growlingly good salute to the sun that warms to a warrior reaching for that wrung just above my highest leaf, tendril-finger pointing trellis ward, buds opening to the dazzle of the sun, drinking rain, embracing another day of peace. Namaste.

Solitary stretch

competing with none, yoga

Passion Flower strong







© Photo & Words by Jilly