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A Poem to the Joyful People of this World

Serious thyself.

All these free floating germs of glee

will only make your life a sublime virus,

not to mention the highly contagious nature of this disease.

Think of others and do apply yourself to solemnity

for the sake of the humorless.


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Listening For a New Day

Packing the car, the borrowed
thimble-sized camper,
we journeyed each new
July to Ely Lake where anger
was displaced, hacking limbs
for the nightly bonfire
and spreading too-hard
butter on slices of Wonder
Bread, too delicate
for such realities not
to tear.

I followed
the Blue Trail on my purple
Spider bike, pedaling
around the lake
seven, eight times,
hearing the voices
of the pines.


© Jilly’s All Rights Reserved

Posting for Poetic Asides PAD Challenge Day 1

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On the Cusp of November

Every year on the 14th of February, Dad would buy a large heart-shaped box of assorted chocolate candy for Mom.  He would also buy a smaller version each for my brother and me.  I remember how Mom would use her thumb to find the vanilla crèmes and rule out the chewy caramels, rendering her box unappealing to everyone else.  Clever woman!

Like April, poets undertake the challenge of November to be writing daily.  For the most part, I do write daily throughout the year, but intentionality is an energizing delight.  There are multiple places for a poet to find inspiration and a few extra ones during this coming month and I intend to press a thumb into the various sources to find the dark chocolate mocha (my personal favorite) of inspiration and then write and post here at Jilly’s.  Here is a list of some of the places I will be sampling.  I hope you will all find your favorites and celebrate the deliciousness of poetry in November!


  • Jilly’s November Challenge of Casting Bricks to Attract Jade (Posting on Friday, 11/3) A perma-link will be on my sidebar, as usual. Everyone is welcome!
  • Jane Dougherty meets W.B. Yeats with daily quotes from her favorite poet.
  • Poetic Asides; Robert Lee Brewer’s PAD Chapbook Challenge
  • Weekly Haikai challenges from Frank J. Tassone (every Saturday)
  • dVerse, of course, with the usual line-up of great prompts on Monday, Tuesday & Thursdays.


~Cheers!  Jilly

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Behold! April

Standing on the cusp of April, our beloved month of verse!  
I will be attempting, once more, to write at least 
one poem each day and post it here.  
I will also be adding to 'Mining For Lines' prompts.  
Feel free to share anything you write in response!  
In addition, I am setting a goal to participate in 
Wordless Wednesday throughout the month.  
Write on, my friends!   Jilly :)


April is only

cruel when we are denied

joy in poetry

The agony the

utter ecstasy of verse

in a land of waste

Embrace sweet April

stir life round the batter bowl

taste and see the good

The wretched in all

imagery dipped and dripping

puddling at my feet

© Jilly’s March 31, 2017