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Day 15 – Bathing in Art

“Art often isn’t [nice] though it scrubs the soul fresh”

~ Jim Harrison

Welcome to the second half of 28 Days of Unreason in which I have taken 28 lines from Jim Harrison’s collection of poetry, Songs of Unreason, and used them as writing prompts.  The quote above is today’s prompt and below you will find my poetic response to it, entitled Bathing in Art.  If you find inspiration in any of these lines, please drop me a comment and let me know; I always welcome the opportunity to read your work.

Bathing in Art

The photographs, excruciatingly clear,
scrub the soul
revealing those annoying
gnats of truth orbiting
round your head.

They toss you a bar of astringent soap

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Scrubs the Soul Fresh

“Art often isn’t [nice] though it scrubs the soul fresh”


Women of Vision
Geographic photographic
Exhibit at the OMA


Mother leopard looks
Coolly from behind green blinds
Of Botswanan grass

Binary code zebras
Cross flood plains black and white
Study in geometry

Thirty-year-old male
Takes eight-year-old bride
‘I hate to see him coming’
Traumatized in the name
Of culture
Of god
No blinds
No code

I take my steak rare
Like a bit of red upon
My plate when I am sated

© Jilly's 2016