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Auto Biograph Ick-ality

or “How I Turned Out Like This”

A Silly Jilly Poem for Scribbling indVerse. 

She was razed
up to be a
so when she try-folded
the trowels
and dug dirt with bath
towels a Shirley-you-jest
beat her hibbity chest
proclaiming in voco-profundo
“Art thou no doctor of mime!”

Her tale is a glad one, but true
she stammered her pen and off flew
a self-percolating
and unliberating
poet of weirdness and wine

the children of kerfuffle and thyme
gathered their carrots and rhyme
tucked under their tosies
and sneezled their nozies
tilling the soil quite sub-lime.

they supplanted citrus and bells
all glorious hast’ning with spells
the magic was tragic
it flew from their grabick
and landed with happy unlines

© Jilly’s & Silly-Jilly  All Rights Reserved

Our Bartender has asked me to take the mic and record this, so here ’tis!

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A Brief History of Silly Jilly

At four years old
Bow wow, meow
My nursery
With colors bold
Rhymes to be told
Committed there
To memory
At four years old

In kindie gard
My daddy fair
Produced a game
And with a dare
By rote I learned
St Nicholas
His journey told
To one and all
And to this day
Will give display

In days of old
Fourth grade, I’m told
A bird came down
The walk one day
A book of rhyme
Under her wing
With flies that buzz
A lilting thing
For death was not
There was no fear
At nine years old

Forgiveness from
Mine Emily
Am conquered by
A Carroll free
The Jabberwock
Hast come for me
It claims my tongue
For to proclaim
And takes its place
Within this brain
Beside the rhymes
Beneath the tree
With sugar plums
To dance with me

A gleam have I
For any near
To grab a floor
To have a hear
For meter holds
Mine own dear ear
A spell is cast
Upon my lines
Gives birth to mine
Own nursery rhymes!

© Jilly’s 2016

With a nod to Mother Goose for the photo!

We are creating mood with meter over at dVerse 
(Be still my little beating metered heart!)
Come join us there, a poem to share!
 Oh no! A monster here has been unleashed!
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A Watery Farewell

I am very bad with good-byes, they make me sneeze and cry.  Abhra, I hope we will meet again!  Thank you for hosting; go and be glorious! And stop around for tea when you have a moment 🙂

Okay, so I didn’t really hold true to the spirit of the prompt. Forgive me, Abhra and my fine dVerse friends!  Silly Jilly strikes again 🙂

Sir Cockroach he did come straight in
Right under the leaky front door trim
He did not knock nor ring the bell
He did not hear ‘Please, sit a spell!’

‘How rude’ said I 'that he should be
Upon the bathroom tile with me!'
And so I served him breakfast true
A rubber waffled tennis shoe

And seeing how he was so crushed
Suggested cards, a royal flush
I bade goodbye and then retract
What I really meant was ‘Don’t come back!’

© Jilly's 2016

Come and join us at dVerse! Abhra is tending bar tonight.