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Completing Imelda’s Challenge Poem, Words, I learned a new form and found great enjoyment working with this gifted poet.   Her words are in bold:

Words, once set free, blend in the wind
breathing a timeless existence;
Some grow wings to fly to heaven
They ask gifts for the gentle tongue

Breathing a timeless existence,
words illuminate our soul
Memories do falter in time
consequences of words live on.

Some grow wings to fly to heaven
dropping soft prayers upon the clouds
seeds of rain to cleanse the dry land
a renaissance to flood the hearts

They ask gifts for the gentle tongue
to sing in languages unknown
filling lungs with placid breezes
fertile verses settling soft

© Lyman / Santore

Collaboration for Jilly’s September Challenge of Casting Bricks.

Please join us!  We start anew on the first Friday of each month with our collaborative challenge.  There is a permalink on my sidebar.  ~Jilly


Posted in Casting Bricks Collaborative Poetry

Loss & Regret

The Somonka is a Japanese poetic form that is designed to be collaborative, so it is perfect that Imelda chose that as her challenge for Casting Bricks.  A Somonka is a love poem in the form of two Tankas.  One lover writes the first 5 lines and the other responds with a second Tanka.  Imelda’s Tanka, Loss, is in bold and my response follows. Please forgive my incorrect usage of the language and my verbing of a noun.

Jilly’s August Challenge known as “Casting Bricks” is open to anyone who would care to join in; the more the merrier!  There is a permalink on my right-hand side bar or you can click here for details.

Moon, lost in orbit

looking for its sun, I am

a gaping silence

devouring your memory

an altar of your absence


Sun, novaed out from

your binding gravital pull

pulsing here alone

no dark to hide my wonder

if you ever think of me.

© Collaborative Poetry