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Chant of the River

I run swiftly
     too suddenly,
          too swiftly.

Melt and wash-out
bludgeon my margins
bruised and swollen,
with the silt
     with the Dead
          with the Dead
that could not find
the sky
for it is the same
     as I
          as I

Their stench,
their straining
for naught,
     and urgent
          and urgent
am I

must go down
     must go down
to the sea

Shed them
I will.

To be caught
     to be caught
on the rocks
and the brambles
to bloat
and to float,
eternally swept
     or at last
          or at last
fished out

That place
O, that place!
where purification
finds me
     to cleanse me
          to cleanse me
lies below ground
in the caverns,
the caverns
inside the flues

Do not follow me there,
Do not follow me there

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for Day 14 of 28 Days of Unreason

“The hardest part is when the river
is too swift and goes underground for days on end”

~Jim Harrison from Songs of Unreason

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he loved a linear girl

he loved a linear girl
               unswerving in his gape-jawed puppy love
so easy to be stunned
               like tasering him with one look
in his stream of consciousness
               falling, fleeing those cliché arrows, aimed
by her apparatus of love
               to land just short of his path
to trudge through
               a flock of poison dart frogs singing with glee
for his one life
               the almosts and wish-it-were-so’s
those mean summer
               nightly chorus’s of want and yearning of
dreams playing music
                once more throttling back into his arms
of want and yearn
               intermittently broken and repaired


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Paul over at dVerse challenges us to write this wonderfully musical form.  Join us and give Contrapuntal Poetry a try!

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Day Ten – “Feeding the Lost Beast”

The Harrison quote from Songs of Unreason for Day # 10 of 28 Days of Unreason:

“Much that you see isn’t with your eyes”

My poetic response to that quote, entitled “Feeding the Lost Beast”


The notes only confuddle your eyes
play with that recklessness that feeds
that lost beast who runs
your life with dank
smoldering anger
and regret

Snub the crowd what
do they know of the music
eighth notethat clogs your arteries
with syncopated blues
diseased stones
hidden in your kidneys

Sense the horn
it is of your own
sinews wrapped
around muscles
heart valves


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