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Day 14 – Proverb of Unreason

Half way!  Here is today’s Harrsion quote for the mid point of 28 Days of Unreason, followed by my poem entitled Proverb of Unreason.

“The moon is to blame.  I am innocent”  

~Jim Harrison from Songs of Unreason

Photo by Jilly

Proverb of Unreason

In that prove-you-wrong paradise

where the moon is a powerful

feather eating your liver

for lunch

guard your days build

walls around your blamelessness

constructing alibis of devastation

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I am Wolf
moon growling

grit beneath my feet
bones betwixt my teeth


fair all these
bright days
searing nights
sounding before me

tree breath
filling these lungs


frame chained
to clock
to desk


soul untethered unleashed

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All Rights Reserved

Writing Quadrilles over at dVerse!
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Waning gibbous dance us toward that newest

Night of birth and rebirth budding

Bursting out from expiration

Skyward vine twirling

With the night bugs



Inhale the sun that rose

Into thy lungs unfurl each phase

And chapter write with blossom of delight

© Jilly’s 2016

Writing Rose Quadrilles at dVerse.  Join us!

© Photos by Jilly
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Circling the Sun

Unaccustomed beauty
Sad the moon singing who will
wax a symphony?

Beauty could but chant
With enormous ache drunken
Urge yet wane all the same

The shadow woman
Her bitter hair wants meaning
Driving death bare armed

Soaring summer sky
Worship with a frantic wind
Rip thy garden gown

© Jillys 2016

Walt is tending bar over at the Poets Pub where we are taking 
brush and watercolor in hand to create a character sketch.
Come join us!