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Sunrise that birthed a movement
Hangs on the wall
Flawless balance of tone
Heart slows before it


No appraisal like
Virga sky
Newest slice of moon
Hanging in the east
Viewed from the pre-dawn

The master painter
The Master painter

© Jilly's Words and Photo

Ekphrastic Poetry for NaPoWriMo  (Impression Sunrise, Monet) 
Quadrille with 'Still' for dVerse
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Sevenling (Post Rain the Lake)

Post rain the lake
Reflects butter clouds, avocado woods, Stilton sky
Impenetrable hues Moneted in twilight

Pre-breakfast the bowl
Holds northern firmament berries, cumulous yogurt, oak-bark granola
Profuse tones Flayed in daybreak

Opus mornings dance across the staff toward concerto nights

© Jilly’s 2016 Words & Photos

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