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‘Summer Tempo’ in 4/4 Time

I wrote this on Monday morning when I realized that there are only 3 weeks (3!!) remaining until I pack up my school bag and head back to work.  There is too much jazz left for summer to end this soon.  


Kids go out the door
no tears for them
deny mine
flying full bore
into the endless arms of June


Dizzying spin of days
nights of laughter
love sangria on ice
dancing on the sand
in the kitchen

Fiery dynamite bright
lights the celebratory way
easing into a Blanchard
groove steady days stretch
fore and aft jazzing the sway



No denying the entrance
Chet-smooth ignoring
truth that months become
weeks a subtle blues works
its way peripherally
into the score


Mere Miles
to go a muted question
lingers in the cool
ignoring the answer
So What am I to do
with these remaining days


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Sunday at Etude

Miles Davis Plays So What?
Tomorrow is Monday
But I’m ignoring that

Fact, sipping cold coffee
Cultivating gloom while
Miles Davis Plays So What?

Late night laughing the moon
Heedless of how quickly
Tomorrow is Monday

Disdain with mild panic
Stirred in my cup with cream
But I’m ignoring that

© Jilly's
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